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  1. darknation

    Cast your vote for GOTY!

    I knew there was a reason why I liked you.
  2. darknation

    Duke Nukem Countdown?

    Whilst I can appreciate this sentiment, I have to be pedantic. 'Time Traveler' implies a deliberate sense of destination, or at least a conscious choice to begin a journey in the first place. In my opinion, humanity is really more of a Time Hobo.
  3. darknation

    Developers involved with communities

    I follow dwarf fortress, which is kinda the opposite. No PVP meta to keep on top of, but watching the community trying to ride an ever-evolving game without falling off, whist simultaneously using minecarts to try to launch a dwarf into space (complete with homemade spacesuits, natch), is probably the most fun part of the game.
  4. darknation

    Good job, YouTube. You fucked up again.

    Fine, but social standards are an artificial construct. In the case of swearing, they are utterly dependent upon the aesthetics of the listener, and those aesthetics are formed by conditioning within the social structure. Something isn't bad just because you say it is. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but hearing another man use the word Cunt doesn't actually hurt you. Banning freedom of expression because it goes against what you perceive to be a social norm is more offensive to me than a thousand people swearing. If you push your agenda on people, don't act surprised when they push back. edit: this argument is not aimed against Edward850 in particular, it's just a general statement of intent. I could probably edit it to say 'something isn't bad because society says it is', but it's dishonest to alter my argument after publication. Apologies.
  5. darknation

    Good job, YouTube. You fucked up again.

    I think what Goatlord is trying to say is that you all have a clear case of Pavlov's Cunt. You have been conditioned to react in a certain way when you hear the ringing of the cunt bell. You need to stop and think about why you find that certain arrangement of syllables offensive.
  6. darknation


  7. darknation

    Good job, YouTube. You fucked up again.

    As doomworld's premier sweary person, I suggest we have a little competition. Any sort of writing competition you choose. You get to put your money where your mouth is and prove how intellectually superior you are. You won't do it, because you're dumb as shit, and having to rationalize both your own failure and the failure of your worldview is probably beyond you.
  8. darknation

    Duke Nukem Countdown?

    I guess they changed the health pickup sprites because they were frightened of getting sued by the Red Cross.
  9. darknation

    Duke Nukem Countdown?

    so, first mod for this will be taking all the new high fidelity lines and compressing the shit out of them so they fit in better with the old sound FX. Hilarious.
  10. darknation

    Duke Nukem Countdown?

    I figure gearbox owes me a free game after I ordered some delicious Colonial Marines and was instead the recipient of a shitfeast pizza with extra shit topping and a side-order of shitfries. Gearbox can stick their copyright claim up whichever orifice is the most uncomfortable and die in a rusty dumpster behind the HIV clinic.
  11. darknation

    Duke Nukem Countdown?

    So are they still releasing the console exclusive episode from the Playstation on PC, or did Gearbox fuck that up by incontinently spraying lawsuits everywhere?
  12. darknation

    Gene Wilder Dead at 83

    The man was a solid gold talent and he will be missed.
  13. darknation

    Graphics versus gameplay

    Don't mind the ASCII at all, but the user interface is utter garbage. It really cripples the game. It's all very well abstracting graphics, but if I need to press a sequence of seven separate keys to find out if that fucking cat is dead yet, then you have a problem.
  14. You got robbed long before that.
  15. darknation

    No Man's Sky

    The danger is that we aim too low and succeed, rather than we aim too high and fail. - some wise fucker.
  16. darknation

    Why do we rarely see the player's body/shadow in FPS?

    I imagine the first instance of this sort of thinking would be found in the old jurassic park fps, which had a health bar mounted on the protagonist's tits. This was a thing that actually happened.
  17. Both sides are disgustingly hypocritical and equally loathsome. I pray that the SJWs will actually grow a pair and finally get around to drinking the fucking kool-aid, whilst the MRAs are simultaneously wiped out when scientists invent an autism vaccine.
  18. Not really. SJWs don't use youtube because the the comments section there is a free-for-all shitstorm of autism that's next to impossible to moderate. If your entire shtick revolves around actively avoiding certain truths you would rather not be known... yeah, maybe best sticking to tumblr and twitter where you can backchannel and delete your way around 'problematic' content.
  19. It always amuses me how people wrap themselves up in faux indignation and use the fact that they are offended to silence their critics and push their own agenda.
  20. darknation

    Who do you rely on for reviews?

    Roger Ebert, even though he ended his days looking like a tragic fucking pez dispenser, was seldom wrong about movies. I really haven't found anyone else of his calibre to rely upon.
  21. darknation

    What's your favourite Doomworld thread?

    Ah, found it. Goes from virgin cringe to actual rapist territory around page 7. One of the best worst threads in the history of mankind. We shall not see it's like again, God willing.
  22. I'm not projecting, I have simply learned to expect the worst from you people.
  23. aaaaand the furries have outed themselves, right on schedule.
  24. the power to reach through my screen and choke a bitch over the internet.
  25. Last I checked about half the world's population were women, and I interact with them just fine. Why, just today I successfully purchased a packet of cigarettes without once mentioning somebody's vagina, or smearing the word GAMERGATE over the shop wall using my own feces. I realize this puts me in the minority, being a man and all.