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  1. darknation


    Not really, I've been busy / drunk. In answer to the scale question, there are issues with going over a certain size. My rule is that for every doubling in size you need to double the number of animation frames to maintain a smooth motion. Going from 4 frames to 8 is a massive increase in labour, and I'm a lazy fuck at the best of times. It's also easier to work on a smaller scale: the blurring of pixels can act as a motion blur, allowing greater freedom to cheat like fuck and make some pretty dodgy structural decisions look acceptable. Going forward, I'm toying with the idea of making a wolf 3d map. Something simple that relies entirely on cunning texture work in order to look good. Don't hold your breath tho. I am astonishingly lazy.
  2. darknation

    ISIS strikes again in Belgium

  3. darknation

    Hulk Hogan leg-drops Gawker Media, wins by TKO

    I approve of this.
  4. darknation

    Post your pet pictures!

  5. darknation

    Which one looks uglier? Quake or Quake 2?

    It's not the textures, it's the models themselves. They were animated by hand (moving individual vertices) on a frame by frame basis, so up close the models seem to warp and wobble somewhat.
  6. darknation

    Best Old-School FMV Cut Scenes

  7. darknation

    Ghostbusters New Movie Trailer

    I feel much better now and I can honestly say I am looking forward to the new Ghostbusters film.
  8. darknation

    Ghostbusters New Movie Trailer

    fuck off back to tumblr with that shit. And find a better cross to nail yourself to, because martyring yourself for a fucking Ghostbusters movie is frankly embarrassing.
  9. darknation

    Ghostbusters New Movie Trailer

    can't you just get that gargoyle guy to add badly digitised tits to all your sprites? Seems a shame to waste all that hard work.
  10. darknation

    Ghostbusters New Movie Trailer

    Yeah, I like that too. It's almost like they lifted the idea straight from a similar, better film...
  11. darknation

    Ghostbusters New Movie Trailer

    in b4 ghostbuster shits in sink.
  12. darknation


    going for the 360 rotation. Drunk as fuck right now and no one cares, but this is useful shit for the future if anyone is following. * Also drunk.
  13. darknation

    North Korea Readying Nuclear Missiles

    The only people North Korea are going to nuke are themselves.
  14. darknation


  15. darknation


    Rough dope of the shotgun animation + reining in his bobbing bullshit. Much better already. Will probably try to put a *little* upper movement on it. Next thing is to add a strap hanging down from the shotgun to add a little sway to the movements / conceal some of the dodgy bits in the leg animation.
  16. darknation


    problem with the helmet colour conversion is that I'm using filters to create shading. This is something that I deliberately set out to avoid this time around, because using too many of them at once makes Freehand spaz out and break, but then I got lazy and said 'fuck it'. Anyway, the lens filters are not doom palette compatible and really shit the bed when it comes to conversion. It is fixable. Want to redo the helmet anyway, the sides run at a fucking shitty angle for pixel conversion. Should have known that when I was making it but lol suckage. Looking at it fresh in the morning, I see where the animation problems are as well; the body is detached from the legs somewhat, giving it an unnatural bob, the arms are fucking shit and the shotgun clips through the glove. Leg movement needs to be kept tighter to the central plane and rather than have the shotgun move up and down, it needs to move from side to side. Will consider these problems tonight at work and see if I can design a three stage dolly to make the shotgun arms worth looking at. Realize that the first animation sucks, but basically all my first animation cycles suck. You make something, animate it roughly to see where the problems are, then go back in and fix the motherfucker with extreme prejudice. Onwards!
  17. darknation


    Vanilla doom makes this look ghetto as fuck. Disappointing. edit: animation sheet for anyone interested. Shotgun arms are placeholders, I know they suck.
  18. darknation


  19. darknation


    I thought that too, but then I decided he should be drying his balls with a towel.
  20. darknation

    The columbine massacre 17 years after

    17 years later and dickheads are still making threads about it.
  21. darknation

    What actually was GamerGate

    SyFy is also treating Brianna Wu as a legitimate source for information. Can't fucking wait for that one.
  22. darknation

    What actually was GamerGate

    started with an ex-porn model sleeping with games journalists to get better reviews for her shitty games, which is fine because writers have traditionaly found it very difficult to extort sex for their services and that is fucking unfair IMHO, but then it evolved into something spectacular. One side consists of pure autism, the other is made from over-entitled white fat women (1%), insane tranny hypocrite con-artists, (1%), all the journalists that zoe quinn never slept with (1%), and derranged betacuck whiteknight males (et al.) Both sides are made from fucking tedious wank, but the flamewars have been hilarious.
  23. darknation

    Devil Daggers - High Score Thread!

    I had never heard of this thing before today, so congrats for getting the conversation started I guess, but now I must assume that people who play this game are entitled little douchebags constantly whining for the Forum Police. I will not, therefore, be playing DemonShitSteakKnives, or whatever the fuck it is called. Conclusion: Your game is dumb and you are dumb for liking it.
  24. darknation

    What you guys think of Overwatch?

    Holy fuck where do they find these godawful voice actors