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  1. darknation

    Movies you enjoyed, but nobody else did?

    I am part of a secret, shameful society that thinks Battlefield Earth is probably one of the greatest movies ever made. Warped camera angles, monochrome lighting, the discovery that flying dirt is less expensive than actual explosives, a script written by a certifiable shit-eating lunatic, John Travola's fucking glorious performance as a mentally deficient alien, Forest Whitaker's lazy eye swiveling in his skull like an out-of-control and deeply spasticated asteroid... The film is so completely, earnestly. fucking spectacularly retarded that it actually transcends celluloid and becomes something truly and uniquely terrible, like a fucking stroke victim that will not stop dancing for your pleasure.
  2. darknation

    No Cracked games in the future .

    DRM free or GTF out. I will own what I buy. Fuck Valve, fuck Microsoft, and fuck retards who gleefully accept broken copy protection and built-in obsolescence.
  3. darknation

    Are flamewars bad?

    Does not the forest burn to remove dead wood? Does not new life spring forth from the ashes? Rejoice, for the fagot screams as it is consumed in flame, and the lesson is goodly taught.
  4. darknation

    Star Wars The Force Awakens

  5. darknation

    What went wrong with NewDoom?

    you must post this piece of history so future generations know of our struggle.
  6. darknation

    What went wrong with NewDoom?

    He spent a year or so at Newdoom before the inevitable ban, followed by about three months at Doom Center (R.I.P) where his attempts to build a personal army backfired so hilariously that the SA goons mounted a forum invasion and actually broke what little sanity he had left at this point. I really should send him a card at some point.
  7. darknation

    Holliday music

    did that feel as satisfying as it looked?
  8. darknation

    Star Wars The Force Awakens

    I have seen this movie. It was inferior to the movie Mad Max, subtitled 'Fury Road'. I went to a black man's theater to watch Star Wars with ten of my fellow Aryans. Upon exiting the theater for black people, we went all the way to the top of a car parking unit for reasons I am as of yet unsure of. Alas, the elevator on which we were planning to embark was defunct and would neither elevate nor delevate. I was very alarmed. Fortunately, my brother takes guns and close combat weapons with him into theaters, meaning that no uppity people of colour dared to molest us and we escaped the ghetto unharmed. Star Wars gets three stars.
  9. darknation

    Star Wars The Force Awakens

    lol nope.
  10. darknation

    Star Trek Beyond

    In Pegg We Trust.
  11. darknation

    Star Wars The Force Awakens

    Han Solo dies.
  12. darknation

    Official footage of Id Software's SMB3 DOS port

    ah adrian, never change your colour palette choices. Oh wait. You never did. NM.
  13. darknation

    Fried chicken ideas?

    fry it in liquid jenkem.
  14. darknation

    Nethack 3.6.0!

    Christ, this and a new version of Dwarf Fortress in a single week?
  15. darknation

    What if you married your inlaw?

    yeah, game of thrones has no story. I've never read the SEVEN FUCKING BOOKS THAT ARE COLLECTIVELY THREE TIMES LONGER THAN THE BIBLE but I assume that nothing of interest lies within. /goes back to masturbating furiously over his bishi.
  16. darknation

    What went wrong with NewDoom?

    old hat, but just want to say that wmull is still a piss gargling idiot.
  17. darknation

    The Demo Was Better (than the Full Version)

    wow, Jihadistien was a thing in 1994. That's pretty hilarious.
  18. darknation

    How do I Dungeons and Dragons?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S39NeK3Ho10 Pretty much.
  19. darknation

    Disney will make one star wars movie a year

    Difficult choice, really. Homogenized fan fiction with the Disney label seared into the corner, or the syphilitic ramblings of a bearded fool who hasn't actually made a good movie since... uh, the original Star Wars, now that I think about it. I, personally, will avoid either way, but my inner troll looks forward to seeing much butthurt in the force in the very near future.
  20. darknation

    Carnage in Paris

    The Russians are not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. The Russians want a stronger foothold in the Middle East. Yes, they will destroy IS and christ knows what else, but then they will fucking park their suitcases and move in. NATO have only *just* got West Germany back from the Russians after the last time. Turkey have been pissing the Russians off for decades by building stronger ties with the west. I'd be shitting bricks if I were them, because it turns out that the only thing worse than having ISIS on your doorstep is having a bunch of pissed off Russians fucking their way through the catflap. (see; Georgia for details). So, what to do? France can't shoot down a Russian plane that is flagrantly giving the finger to Nato, because that would be war and political suicide. Ditto Britain and Germany, and no fucking way America would even dare. So that leaves the scrappy little shithole countries to do it for us, because when shithole countries in the middle east blow a plane out of the sky, no one important enough can really be held accountable for it. Thus, WW3 is averted and Russia gets to know EXACTLY where the line in the sand is drawn.
  21. darknation

    The Incredible Baron - Released!

    congrats steve. <3
  22. darknation

    The story behind your custom avatar

    You had to examine your toy facehugger to see what a vagina looked like. This thread went from naught to autism in less than sixty seconds. I am so proud of you all.
  23. darknation

    What's the story with the default avatars?

    If only there was a super secret forum of this exact nature that I was a member of and you weren't. Oh, wait.