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    1. DoomUK


      That was really good.

      True story?

    2. purist


      I quite enjoyed that, though I preferred the previous story you posted about the car crash. I work in the Welfare Sector so that added to my interest but I found myself inadvertedly skipping ahead perhaps because of the formatting or - more likely - because you tended to labour your points beyond my interest in them. That said, I do like your writing style (it's something like I'd aspire to should I take writing seriously).

      I think I recognised one of your character's names from your other story. Is your book a series of short stories with shared themes and characters?

    3. darknation


      Not even remotely true. But thanks for kind words.

      The characters are indeed the same; it's all part of the same book. There is one massive, overlord plot that takes place over 48 hours or so. But I've been adding segues between the chapters to give the other players background and motivation, incidents from the narrator's past that have bearing on present events bah blah wordcount.