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  1. officially pissed off to high heaven with this thing, so am doing one last chainsaw edit and posting the results here. Expect one chapter / segue a week (already three chapters ahead, so things should go smoothly when it comes to uploading). Also, because people do nothing but moan when it comes to formatting this sort of thing on the forum, have decided to upload the pages as image files.

    There are going to be spelling errors, the occasional typo. Help me to help you - point these out as you spot them and I will fix them for the final, final draft. Comments make the work go faster, as a happy darknation is a productive darknation.

    All credits, copyrights and glory go to myself. Eat a dirty vagina.

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    2. darknation


      Tango said:

      what is a darknation

      under-appreciated apparently.

    3. DoomUK


      We aren't publishers. Subject matter has an influence on whether most people choose to read something or not.

      Personally, this was my favorite outpouring of yours. I hope it makes it into the final draft or whatever.

    4. darknation


      yeah, that segue is still in here somewhere, although it's exact placing escapes me atm...

      Short segue between chapters 2 & 3. Knocked a good 500 words out of it because people were moaning about excessive wordyness in general.