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  1. Re; mandatory completion of SVQ 3 before 2014

    Hi there, just dropping you a quick email to explain why, after much consideration, I feel unable to participate in the SVQ3 course. My rationale is explained below.

    I know of no other business that expects their own staff to pay for job training out of their own pocket. It is not in my best interests to invest my own money in this scheme, especially for a job that pays so little in the first place and the lack of significant advancement opportunities within the care industry afterwards.

    Arguments that my money will be recouped two years after course completion have angered me beyond belief - assuming that the course takes between 8 to 12 months to complete, I would be unable to leave this job for up to three years without incurring significant financial penalties. This, in my opinion, is nothing short of blackmail and an utterly appalling way to treat anyone. You will not tie me to this job for a further three years because I fear to lose a thousand pounds.

    To put my position in perspective, I would suggest that those three years would be better spent gaining a nursing degree. I would also point out that nursing degrees come with the option of receiving a bursary.

    I would also like to add that the position of care assistant is stressful enough without the addition of disgusting financial penalties to be dealt out whenever the business owner feels she has somehow not gotten her money’s worth out of me. I have put up with physical, verbal and psychological abuse on a daily basis for seven years - I tolerate these severely unpleasant aspects of my job because I know that many of my charges are mentally ill and cannot modulate their behavior. I will not tolerate management holding a ransom over me on the off chance that I will get fed up of being abused and seek alternative employment.

    I do not give you permission to dock my wages to pay for SVQ3 for the above reasons. I understand that, under the conditions set, my continued employment with <company> will become untenable past the date given for mandatory SVQ completion.


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    2. AndrewB


      Stop thinking about your employer as your enemy and start thinking of them as your partner. When you really do this, and I mean really adopt this as your life philosophy, you'll see a world of opportunities open up.

      I don't mean marry your employer or put them on a pedestal. I mean treat them with the same consideration and respect that you treat a girl you pick up at the bar to bang.

    3. Szymanski


      darknation said:

      Still not fired. Wtf do i have to do to get sacked around here

      You won't be fired, nobody wants to do your job. My mum works in an old peoples home and the staff retention is terrible.
      Expecting you to pay for the coarse is ridiculous.

    4. Creaphis


      I'm here to give advice and chew bubblegum. And I'm all out of advice.

      It's cool to know that another malcontent Doomworlder also works in the care industry. I do residential support for a couple adults with mental handicaps and I find it feels good getting paid to help people instead of just helping some asshole make a private fortune. If that's the same reason you're in this line of work I hope you can find an employer who won't harsh your vibes.