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  1. After three levels of starving to fucking death I finally find a motherload of food, eat till satiated, jump a yeti and stab that motherfucker to death. Then I think 'Hmmm, resistance to cold intrinsic' and decide to eat the yeti's corpse.

    Player, over-satiated, chokes to death on a yeti.

    punchline: was playing as a valrykie, who start the game with resistance to cold as standard.

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    3. darkreaver


      Awesome. I was in Thailand recently and of course I managed to get food poisoned. While laying in bed and feeling miserable I browsed DW and saw this thread, and it occured to me that there had to be some Nethack or something similar available for Android/phone.

      I found a nice Nethack version and played a little, but then I found Angband! Angband is probably my favorite rougelike. So since I couldnt get out of the hotel room for quite a while I played a lot, and Im now a lvl 30 Dunadan warrior, currently roaming around dungeon lvl 30-33 somewhere.

      So much fun! Hadnt played this game for several years =)

      (not my pic)

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      50 dead wizard post