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  1. YES

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    2. DuckReconMajor


      Bucket said:

      I have a friend who chewed his down to about half that length. We were in a technical drawing class in high school and he used the sharp point of a safety compass to pry up pieces of fingernail to chew on.

      I personally have never bitten my fingernails and have never felt the desire to. When I was very young I'd rip because I was too lazy to find clippers. But other than that always clip.

    3. Netherstorm


      you should see my 95 year old grandma's fingernails and toenails, their literally growing so big that her toe and fingers are being spread out.

      you ain't seen shit.

    4. printz


      Does anyone have rough thumb nails? I saw that condition at some people, and I also had them during puberty. What's it caused by?