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  1. think I nailed it pretty hard. Of course, I will wake up tomorrow and find it full of fail and delete it.

    For posterity then.

    1. Obsidian


      Personally I didn't find any fail in it. It's well written and I reckon you should keep it.

    2. darknation



      Decided to keep a blog of updates, plans, ideas etc. Find it helps to get me in the writing mood.

      So, what have I been doing for the past two months? The short answer is not much; the long answer is that fixing the first segue (The Man who will be Gambit) and the opening chapter (Fabulous Gambit DJ Disco Shed) has been a massive pain in the ass.

      The main problem is the amount of information that has to be given in each; there are about ten characters to introduce, three of them major ones. There is explaining the locale, which is a complex set piece in itself.

      I had originally tried to simplify things by removing one of the major characters (Ziggie) from the action, introducing her at the end of chapter 2 instead. This, unfortunately, fucked the narrative and just seemed utterly artificial.

      So I went to plan B – open the novel with TWO segues, one for Gambit, one for Ziggie, two short stories that illustrate exactly where their massive psychological and emotional retardation comes from. There was a lot of clever foreshadowing going on (esp. in Ziggie’s story) and I was pretty pleased with it.

      And then I had a brilliant idea, which means that I am now going to have to delete them both.

      Gambit’s segue begins in a church; so does Ziggie’s. Combining the two segues into one is basically a no-brainer, creating a singular event that is the forefather of all the other disasters to come. Gambit, returning home from church is hit by a car. Ziggie’s story begins with the funeral of her father. Gambit, now returning from the funeral of Ziggie’s father, is hit by a car.

      It seems really simple and very obvious now that I have thought of it. I imagine the implementation of it will be nothing but.

      And so I start again on the 15th fucking draft of the opening chapter. Which doesn’t include the other twelve drafts of the original, Olympic Gambit opening.

      I have rewritten the opening of this book a grand total of 26 times. Which might give you an idea of why this fucking thing is taking so fucking long.