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  1. yes! I have been introduced to dwarf fortress by an utter wanker and thus have lost my life until next year. So, to keep me company until spring, I need MP3's, because I am now fed up of the DF soundtrack.

    Specifics: old video game sound tracks. Made of Metal, preferably. If not, at least orchestrated. Anything from the NES - PS1 era will do nicely. Already jamming to the Stemmage Metroid remixes, so there's the watermark. Still looking for a good version of FF VII's JENOVA, so points for that if at all possible.

    Straight to the MP3 if you please. No Youtube shit, unless accompanied by a direct download link. Not fucking about here, this needs to keep my ears well wanked until April. Unleash your finest. No doubt other people on the forum are looking for similar, so we can make this a SPAM MUSIC THREAD.

    No retards.

    1. Clonehunter


      Are you looking for actual downloads to copyrighted music? Or music inspired by that that's free to distribute as downloads on site?

    2. Bucket


      Suck my ass, just put the Skyrim soundtrack on.

    3. Hellbent


      I think I'm gonna give DF another try. Game is for smart people, though. I'm almost smart. :-/ The Quake soundtrack is good. Or this:

      DF seems a bit more intuitive than I remember it. It also seems different than I remember it, I guess they keep updating the game and making changes so that shouldn't be much surprise. Even though I haven't played the game in years I feel like I remember much of the premise/strategy (the little that I had learned which wasn't much). We'll see. Maintaining sanity among my tribe will be one of my high priorities.

      Well, it seems I've chosen a good plot of land to start my adventure. I got no warnings, I have access to water, vegetation and minerals. How hard could this be?