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  1. <flathead> I fall down a lot
    <dn> heh
    <lament> heh
    <lament> without flinching.
    <flathead> yes
    <dn> heh
    <lament> i can imagine.
    <dn> he bounces
    <flathead> and come up with amazingly funny movie titles with the word 'cock' in them
    <flathead> like
    <flathead> cockahontas
    <Quasar`> ^^(;;)^^ <-- crazed bat
    <dn> heh
    <flathead> seven cocks in tibet
    <dn> that's a fun game
    <flathead> dude, where's my cock ?
    <flathead> yeah it's great innit
    <dn> One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Cock
    <flathead> yeah, that one too :)
    <dn> the Cocks of the Lambs
    <flathead> the lion cock
    <lament> 2001: A Cock Odyssey
    <flathead> and so on
    <flathead> heheheh
    <Quasar`> no, The Silence of the Cocks
    <dn> Lord of the Cock: The Fellowship of the Cock
    <flathead> no
    <lament> no
    <flathead> :)
    <dn> heh
    <lament> The Cock of the Ring
    <Quasar`> Lord of the Cock Rings
    <flathead> the cocktrix
    <dn> the league of extrodanaire cocks?
    <lament> Robocock
    <flathead> the Itilian Cock
    <lament> Or is it Cockocop?
    <flathead> yeah, robocock too :)
    <Quasar`> I've never seen a word spelled worse
    <flathead> ah memories
    <lament> Boogie Cocks
    <olochimaru> thy cock consumed
    <flathead> cock fiction
    <dn> Pirates of the Caribian: The Curse of the Black Cock
    <olochimaru> that should be the obvious one :P
    <flathead> reservoir cocks
    <dn> Evil Cock
    <Bloodshedder> carribean
    <flathead> Night Of The Living Cock
    <olochimaru> and it can actually be taken literally as well
    <dn> heh
    <Quasar`> bloodshedder: <dn> the league of extrodanaire cocks?
    <Bloodshedder> extraordinary?
    <lament> Three Colours: Cock
    <lament> or is it
    <Quasar`> ehehe
    <dn> yeah, what ever spelling is gay
    <lament> Three Cocks: Blue
    <flathead> and finally
    <flathead> Schindler's Cock
    <Bloodshedder> Cock Club
    <flathead> true
    <dn> what a great game!
    <Bloodshedder> The Cock: Reloaded
    <lament> Cocks Must Be Crazy
    <dn> there's something about cock
    <lament> Sex And The Cock
    <flathead> well it's better if you're lying on a matress on the floor of a smokey attic with about a dozen other people around you in various gradations of stoneage
    <Bloodshedder> Cock Improvement
    <flathead> i gotta write these down
    <lament> Cock Space
    <flathead> a Cockwork Orange
    <lament> heh
    <lament> A Clockwork Cock
    <dn> heh
    <flathead> yeah see the bad part is, you can't stop
    <dn> yeah
    <Bloodshedder> Disney's The Little Cock
    <Bloodshedder> Beauty and the Cock
    <lament> ooh
    <flathead> err
    <lament> i wanna see that one
    <Bloodshedder> heh
    <Quasar`> Snow White and the Seven Cocks
    <flathead> The Emperor's New Cock
    <dn> Terminator 2 - Judgement Cock
    <Bloodshedder> heh
    <Bloodshedder> Cock Story
    <dn> Finding Cock
    <lament> Cock Raider
    <Bloodshedder> Indiana Jones and the Temple of Cock
    <Quasar`> Womb Raider is better
    <dn> Jurassic Cock
    <lament> heh
    <Bloodshedder> or The Cock of Doom
    <Bloodshedder> Raiders of the Lost Cock
    <flathead> The Lost Cock: Jurassic Park
    <dn> mwahaha
    <flathead> yeah it's all coming back to me now, that night seemed to go on forever
    <lament> Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Cock
    <flathead> YEAH :)
    <Bloodshedder> Indiana Jones and the Last Cock
    <lament> Twelve Cocks
    <Quasar`> heh I saw a bash quote the other night where a guy was replacing all instances of wand in Harry Potter with wang
    <flathead> American Cock: The Wedding
    <flathead> yeah I saw that =)
    <lament> Cock Beauty
    <Bloodshedder> heh
    <dn> Beauty and the Cock
    <Bloodshedder> Cock on Earth
    <lament> And of course
    <lament> Cock
    <Bloodshedder> i already said that dn
    <Quasar`> ....
    <dn> damnit
    <dn> sorry.
    <Bloodshedder> heh
    <Bloodshedder> cocknation
    <lament> heh
    <dn> heh
    <Quasar`> this is out of hand
    <dn> cock ressurerection?
    <lament> cock is out of hand
    <liam> harry potter and the sorcerer's cock
    <Quasar`> ...
    <Bloodshedder> resurrection
    <Quasar`> harry potter and the order of the cock
    <dn> look, I had to get an erection in there.
    <lament> The Last Cock of Christ
    <Bloodshedder> Lord of the Cock: The Fellowship of the Cock
    <flathead> Dr Strangelove, or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned To Love The Cock
    <dn> bs: hah!
    <dn> hahah
    <lament> haha
    <Bloodshedder> oh did you already say that one
    <Quasar`> harry potter and the chamber of cocks -or- harry potter and the cock of secrets
    <flathead> like chamber of cocks better ::p
    <lament> love the cock
    <flathead> Cock Almighty
    <Bloodshedder> Knee-Deep in the Cock
    <flathead> tee hee hee :)
    <lament> Cock Reloaded
    <Bloodshedder> lament: i already got that one
    <Quasar`> if they're really going to make movies of all the harry potter books, but JK Rowling never quits writing them, how will they keep up?
    <dn> Octocock
    <dn> The COck is not enough
    <lament> bah
    <flathead> Cock. James Cock.
    <Bloodshedder> they will do it until he dies?
    <flathead> Cockfinger
    <Quasar`> hahaha he?
    <Bloodshedder> GoldenCock
    <flathead> =)
    <Quasar`> JK Rowling is a woman ahaha
    <dn> The Cock who loved me
    <Bloodshedder> oh well whatever
    <flathead> yeah
    <Bloodshedder> The Cock Who Shagged Me
    <dn> Cock & Juliet
    <flathead> maybe we shut put an end to this right now
    <dn> maybe
    <flathead> or maybe not
    <Quasar`> she used to be a nice british mum next door type
    <Bloodshedder> Episode IV: A New Cock
    <lament> The Usual Cocks
    <dn> but this shit is comedy gold
    <Quasar`> now she's a lean mean lawsuit machine
    <Bloodshedder> The Cock Strikes Back
    <Bloodshedder> Return of the Cock
    <flathead> it is when you're sufficiently drugged I can assure you
    <dn> Piranha 2 - flying cocks
    <flathead> lotr: the two cocks
    <dn> the return of the cock
    <flathead> plan cock from outer space
    <Quasar`> orthanc is rather phallic isn't it
    <Bloodshedder> The Day the Cock Stood Still
    <flathead> Bram Stoker's Cockula
    <lament> o_O
    <flathead> =)
    <dn> interview with the cock
    <dn> the cock of the damned
    <Bloodshedder> Naked Cock 33 1/3
    <Quasar`> they need to make a Castlevania movie
    <lament> Saving Private Cock
    <Bloodshedder> The Green Cock
    <flathead> Back To the Cock
    <lament> Being John Cock
    <Bloodshedder> About Cock
    <dn> Rise of the Cock
    <flathead> :)
    <Quasar`> John Cockmack
    <flathead> now now
    <lament> The Iron Cock
    <dn> haha
    <lament> The Big Cock
    <Bloodshedder> heh
    <flathead> alright then, let's extend into music, television and literature
    <dn> Rambo: First Cock part 1
    <Bloodshedder> Nine Inch Cock
    <lament> Secrets and Cocks
    <Quasar`> man I dunno what titles you guys are even using any more
    <flathead> eheheh
    <Quasar`> The Big Cock could be like 800 different things
    <flathead> i'm thinking lebowski
    <lament> so am i
    <flathead> cos that movie is teh cool
    <Quasar`> oh I got one
    <dn> yah
    <Quasar`> My Big Fat Greek Cock
    <flathead> yes ?
    * [GT]engineer has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
    <flathead> :D
    <dn> hah
    <lament> haha
    <Bloodshedder> The Legend of Cock
    <Bloodshedder> heh
    <flathead> fuckin yea
    <dn> Super Mario Cock
    <Quasar`> ok now that's going too far :P
    <Bloodshedder> Punch-Drunk Cock
    <flathead> half-cock
    <lament> heh
    <lament> Doom II: Cock on Earth
    <Bloodshedder> i already said that
    <dn> The Legend of Cock
    <lament> fuck you
    <flathead> no you didn't
    <Bloodshedder> i said cock on earth
    <flathead> cockolate mousse!
    <lament> cock you!
    <Quasar`> I find it highly amusing that that "My Big Fat Greek Life" show was cancelled after like the first episode
    <Bloodshedder> Cock-Deep in the Dead
    <dn> Married with Cock
    <Quasar`> I hate stupid networks trying to capitalize on stuff like that
    <lament> The Cocks of Hell
    <Bloodshedder> Cocks
    <dn> Thy Cock Consumed
    <Bloodshedder> heh
    <lament> heh
    <flathead> you're not really paying attention are you
    <dn> heh
    <dn> not really.
    <lament> you're really not paying COCK
    <flathead> good
    <Bloodshedder> cockse
    <dn> Sim Cock
    <Quasar`> oh ahaha here's a good one
    <dn> Cockkeeper
    <flathead> alright
    <Quasar`> Heretic: Shadow of the Cock Riders
    <Bloodshedder> Rise of the Cock
    <flathead> :D :D
    <Bloodshedder> Serious Cock
    <dn> bs: that's mine damnit
    <Bloodshedder> heh is it
    <Bloodshedder> Cock Tycoon
    <dn> Aliens v.s Cock
    <lament> Grand Cock Auto
    <dn> Ultimate Cock
    <flathead> GTA Cock City
    <flathead> oy
    <Bloodshedder> Grand Theft Cock
    <olochimaru> danzig 3: how the cocks kill
    <dn> Daicock
    <lament> Cock Of Destiny
    <olochimaru> devy t: cock machine
    <flathead> am i the only one looking at all his game cd's looking for good titles ?
    <Bloodshedder> WolfenCock
    <liam> a perfect cock
    <lament> heh
    <flathead> apparently not :)
    <Quasar`> Hexen: Deathcocks of the Dark Citadel
    <Bloodshedder> no
    <dn> haha
    <olochimaru> amorphis: tales from the thousand cocks
    <dn> march of the cocks
    <lament> The Longest Cock
    <Bloodshedder> Cock III: Arena
    <liam> ac / dc cock in black
    <Bloodshedder> Cock Tournament
    <Quasar`> Crouching Tiger, Hidden Cock
    <Bloodshedder> hahaha
    <flathead> heh
    <liam> dn: take in the extent of my cock
    <olochimaru> anaal nathrakh: when cocks rain down from the sky, mankind will reap as it has sown
    <Bloodshedder> Bulletproof Cock
    <dn> Cockspotting
    <liam> olo: raise your skinny cocks like antennaes to heaven
    <flathead> I have become Cock, destroyer of worlds
    <olochimaru> heh that could be a good post-apocalyptic porn flick :P
    <Bloodshedder> heh
    <Quasar`> Mortal Kock
    <flathead> Cocktallica
    <flathead> System of a Cock
    <lament> Pink Cock
    <flathead> No Use For A Cock
    <dn> Bruce Campbell v.s the Cock of Darkness
    <lament> Cocks of the United States of America
    <dn> pretty hate cock
    <Bloodshedder> Cock Hard
    <lament> how many people alerady said Nine Inch Cocks
    <dn> Cock Harder
    <Bloodshedder> Cock Hard: With a Vengeance
    <flathead> with a vengeance
    <flathead> :)
    <flathead> fuck you
    <dn> heh
    <olochimaru> anita kelsey: the night has a thousand cocks
    <dn> Cock Fodder
    <flathead> Full Cock
    <lament> Will The Real Cock Please Stand Up
    <Bloodshedder> Deep Cock
    <dn> Full Metal Cock
    <flathead> Growing Cocks
    <Bloodshedder> heh
    <Bloodshedder> Punky Cock
    <dn> Three men and a little cock
    <flathead> Strapping Young Cock
    <Bloodshedder> The Three Cocks
    <flathead> aah haha ha :)
    <lament> Three Weddings And A Cock
    <flathead> Command & Conquer: Tiberian Cock
    <dn> Resident Cock
    <Bloodshedder> Cock Down Under
    <dn> Mad Cock 2 - Beyond the thundercock
    <Bloodshedder> The Wild Cock
    <dn> Black Cock Down
    <lament> heh
    <flathead> :D
    <olochimaru> das ich: Lügen und Das Cock
    <lament> Cock Harbour
    <flathead> behind enemy cocks
    <flathead> cock at the gates
    <Bloodshedder> Big Cock
    <flathead> the longest cock
    <liam> 12 cocks
    <lament> bah
    <lament> bah!
    <flathead> monkey!
    <dn> The Sixth Cock
    <lament> Cock Monkeys
    <dn> haha
    * _5hfifty is away: out
    * _5hfifty is now known as _5h|away
    <flathead> i see dead cocks... walking around like regular cocks
    <liam> the revolting cocks... wait
    <olochimaru> haha
    <lament> (whoops, porn - dn)
    <dn> "All right you primative cockheads!"
    <Quasar`> Bravecock
    <flathead> no thanks i've had enough porn for the night
    <flathead> heh dn
    <dn> heh
    <dn> I may be cocked out here.
    <liam> you can take our cocks, but you cannot take our freedom
    <flathead> !
    <dn> heh
    <flathead> Luke, I am your cock
    <liam> pop will eat cock
    * {BaRaKa} has quit IRC (Quit: Hello my name is LUPA!!!)
    <dn> martin luther king "I have a cock!"
    <flathead> =)
    <flathead> you deserve a fucking medal for that one
    <flathead> Ich bin ein Cock !
    <olochimaru> irony is a dead cock
    <Destroyer> CockEx
    <Quasar`> in this day and age we could use some people willing to paint their faces half blue and charge up a hill side yelling FREEDOM!
    <liam> give me cock, or give me death
    <flathead> the united states is commited to put a Cock on the moon before the end of the decade, and to bring him back home safely
    <liam> one small cock for man, one giant cock for mankind
    <Quasar`> especially if said hill side was Capitol Hill
    <flathead> one small cock for man... one giant cock for mankind !
    <lament> Cock in every pot
    <flathead> FUCK
    <dn> This is one small cock for man... one giant cock for mankind!
    <dn> shit
    <flathead> not good
    <flathead> not good at all
    <liam> hah
    <Quasar`> do a good deed today; poke a congressman in the ass with a pitchfork
    <flathead> hey
    <flathead> there wasnt any cock in that
    <dn> would you like some?
    <flathead> you mean
    <flathead> cock ?
    <liam> poke a congressman in the ass with a cock
    <flathead> yea !
    <dn> "We need a bigger cock" - jaws
    <Destroyer> DeCockEd
    <olochimaru> deus ex cockina
    <dn> haha
    <Quasar`> 9_9
    <flathead> Photocock 7
    <dn> Carpe phallus
    <liam> DT - tiny cocks
    <liam> requiem for a cock
    <Bloodshedder> Cock Shop Pro
    <flathead> :)
    <flathead> well shit
    <lament> MICROSOFT COCKS
    <flathead> i'm going to bed
    <liam> 28 cocks later,
    <Quasar`> Monicock Lewinsky
    <Destroyer> CockScape
    <dn> later
    <flathead> the big lecockski !
    <dn> heh
    <Quasar`> ....
    <lament> Lincox
    <liam> jesus cock
    <dn> the planet of the cocks
    <flathead> yeah goodnight everyone. and remember, it's not worth saying if there isn't any cock in it
    <olochimaru> antichrist supercock
    * flathead has quit IRC
    <lament> flathead: good cock
    <lament> bah
    <dn> cock marshals
    <liam> the cock spiral
    <dn> the vampire leCock
    <Quasar`> ?
    <Quasar`> these are getting too vague
    <dn> Cockpocalypse now
    <dn> no wait
    <lament> Cock now!
    <Quasar`> Walker, Texas Cock
    <Bloodshedder> CockAmp
    <dn> Acockalypse Noe!
    <lament> The Texas Cock Massacre
    <dn> haha
    <Bloodshedder> CockWorld
    <liam> acocktygma berzerk
    [lament:#zdoom VERSION]
    <dn> 2 fast 2 cocks
    <Destroyer> Wincocks
    <Bloodshedder> Internet Relay Cock
    <liam> the green cock
    <Quasar`> chuck norris used to actually go on busts and raids with law enforcement agencies
    <lament> cOCK v6.03 Khaled Mardam-Bey
    <Quasar`> I think he had to quit because someone tried to use that fact to help their case though
    <liam> quas: you mean COCK norris
    <Quasar`> claiming the publicity would prevent them from having a fair trial
    <liam> and someone used that cock to help their case
    <liam> claiming the cock would prevent them etc
    <dn> big cock in little china
    <Quasar`> >:|
    <lament> Eat Drink Cock Woman
    <dn> charlie's cock: Full throttle
    <liam> ana and the cock
    <dn> Cock Kids 3D
    <Bloodshedder> I can't believe it's not cock
    <Destroyer> Cocktag
    <liam> counter-cock
    <liam> cock of defeat, half-cock
    <Bloodshedder> Half-cock
    <liam> firecocks
    <liam> pirates, vikings, and cocks
    <liam> ricockchet
    <Bloodshedder> planes, trains, and cocks
    <Destroyer> Capture the Cock
    <Destroyer> InstaCock
    <liam> one-cock capture teh cock
    <dn> Attack of the Cocks
    <liam> evil cocks
    <liam> unreal cocks 2004
    <olochimaru> out of the cock
    <dn> Cocks and Mosters
    <Destroyer> Cock of the Triad
    <dn> *monsters
    <olochimaru> shadows of the cock
    <Bloodshedder> cock millennium
    <liam> baldur's cock
    <Epyo> ....
    <Bloodshedder> twilight cock
    <liam> cockshedder, cocknation
    <olochimaru> ghastly funeral cock
    <Bloodshedder> or alternately, cock warrior
    <dn> liam the cock
    <dn> scabbed cock
    <liam> cöck
    <olochimaru> the dying cock
    <Bloodshedder> cock_junkie
    <dn> pregnant with cock
    <Destroyer> After Cock
    <olochimaru> her cock forms in summertime
    <liam> silvercock
    * Quasar` sighs
    <liam> cockevil
    <dn> canturbury cocks
    <Destroyer> CockGL
    <olochimaru> go tell it to the cocks egghead
    <liam> league of extraordinary cocks
    <dn> Hallo Cockboy
    * Quasar` shakes his head sadly
    * liam cocks his head sadly
    <dn> The Heart's Filthy Cock
    <dn> heh
    <dn> could go on for hours...
    <dn> make a good spam topic on the foums actually

    1. Ultraviolet


      Wow. Long post.

    2. Danarchy


      Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Cocks
      Cockhammer 40,000
      Cock III Arena
      The Hitchiker's Guide to the Cock
      Cock Club
      Skinny Cock
      Cock Will Eat Itself
      Cock Zombie
      Icewind Cock
      Cock Sabbath
      Cock Emperor of Dune
      Cock Trek: Inserection
      I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Cockonuts
      Einstürzende Neucock
      Cock 242
      Cock Line Assembly
      Kein Mitleid für die Mehrcock
      Slick Cock

      Heh...okay, I gotta stop.