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  1. Well, I just finished making a 3D model and I'm wondering how best to convert it into doom sprites. What would be the best program to use to obtain the screnshots I need etc. Something where you can set the camera at specific coordinates blah blah.

    Here's the test I made.

    any pointers would be appreciated.

    edit: ATM I'm using milkshape.

    1. Ichor


      I used Quark 5.10 to view Quake and Hexen 2 models. Then I hit the Print Screen button. After that, I would just edit the .bmp until I get a decent enough sprite frame.

    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Pardon my asking.. but why do you need to do this in 3D? I mean, the concept is so incredibly simple, it could easily and probably better be done in a 2D paint program.

    3. darknation


      well, I've never done any 3D animation before so it seemed like a good idea to learn. And certainly doing the front angle would be simple enough, but drawing the sprite from a 45 degree thingamy would be a nightmare.

      Test number 2 btw

      looks a lot better, but there is still a lot to do.