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  1. Cockfest! Cockfest!
    6 inch cockfest!
    Cause you know
    That Essex’s Cock’s best!

    Gaysex Cockfest!
    Mom knows bestest!
    Daddy’s gone for
    Meat is best, less
    Fat and breast,
    Let’s get it on
    At 6 inch Cockfest!

    Cockfest! Pube nest!
    Fat dick incest!
    Live apart and
    Swallow dad’s mess.
    Present your bum
    Prepare your gums
    Let’s give it up
    For Essex’s Cockfest!



    I got the AIDS!
    My rectum split.
    I got laid
    By a man with

    I should have stayed
    With hetro chicks.
    I rue the day
    But I can’t resist the
    Taste of young-boy…


    Dick dick dick dick dick dick dick OWHHHHOOOOO!!!!

    AIDS Test! AIDS Test!
    HIV cell guests!
    Bloodstream’s fucked
    Like Northwest Semtex
    Brainstem’s deathfest
    Lungs all breathless
    Adios world!
    I rest in Cooooooooockfest!

    (Hello God! Hello?)

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    2. Coopersville
    3. Use


      projecting is fun

    4. Melfice


      Use3D said:

      projecting is fun

      By all means, I agree.