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  1. darknation has just turned twenty one.

    cue scuba with impse birthday cake.

    Tonight is the International Mallis Night where all my real life friends shall be gathered under one roof. It will be death. It will be alcohol poisoning on a scale unseen since the Holocaust. There will be drinking games. There will be games about drinking. There will be drinking purely for drinking's sake.

    I'll bash on IRC later on, post some photos from the devestation as the night progresses.

    Happy birthday to me!

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    2. Hobo


      ravage said:

      And a new title to boot, holy shit.


    3. darknation


      jesus fuck

      druink oh yes

      whayt we have here is a failure to type. which is cool, because I am drunk. oh yes baby. so far I have for ttwen a photo of someone's pubic hair, made an arse of mysielf and gottena song from smeone I love.

      hail to the king baby

      stay tuned for further updates. ths is a night to remember

    4. Job


      Happy b-days all around, me drunken sots! Yarr!