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    2. darknation



      *it works... heh heh heh...*

    3. dsm


      So dn, are you, like, trying to become the new F├╝hrer or something?

      Heh, I always wanted to ask that.

      (Note: This is just a side question that has little to do with the actual humour in the comic)

      /Me listens to the "Evil Incarnate" remix he got a few months ago.

    4. Sephiroth


      hell pineapples dont bother hitler, he likes fisting.
      things hitler also enjoys
      riding a bike with no seat
      rideing a motorcycle with no seat
      sitting in a chair with the last 6 inches of an old broom handle sticking up
      he really likes squiriming rat pups and baby chickens!
      DOA extream volleyball
      tri-cysles with no seat
      a greasedup fence post
      baseball bats, yep he IS a fan
      and bumpy hills, for his bike