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  1. spam

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    2. Bucket


      DN's Autobio: Your mousewheel never got so much attention.


    3. Danarchy


      darknation said:

      “I have plotted the route that the Briefcase is most likely to take,” Paul said as he scrawled all over every class B road in the kingdom in a thick blue line. Beside the line he wrote ‘Willie – 5mph.’ He returned the blue marker to his pocket, retrieved a red one and started to plot our own route to Scrote.

      The straight line he drew cut directly though several large towns, three rivers and at least one major mountain. Beside this line he wrote ‘Paul – 140mph’

      Heh, for some reaosn this part really cracked me up.

    4. Trasher][


      Shine on darknation, you crazy diamond.