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  1. thinking about setting up a writers guild kinda thing on my website... if manc says yes, setting up a forum where people can post work / crit., work through edits and then I'll stick the finished piece on my website. Nothing massive, but I've had a few people PM me asking questions (dear god), one or two here and one or two on a NIN board that I frequent. Is anyone here actually trying to write for profit / pleasure or would like to?

    Just wondering if it's a waste of my time setting it all up. If a few people want to gangbang then I'll set up the shit.

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    2. Disorder


      I'm full of ideas, but when I actually start writing I give up. I think I'd rather keep that believe of being a great writer, rather than finding out that I might suck.

    3. BlueSonnet


      A bit too late to say this but if it makes life easier for you i'd say go for it, though i won't be posting there, even if i do write stories.

    4. Linguica


      I wrote a half-finished novel last November for a contest, I should finish it one of these days.