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  1. just a thread to pour thanks upon the THOUSANDS of people who campaigned relentlessly to secure the liberation of doomworld's favorite son. Special thanks must go to scabbed angel. You really made the difference, mang.

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    2. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      Make known to us, Gentle darknation, what fortunes befell you as you where condemned to lurk within the depths of the forbidden realms? Tell us, oh mighty lord of slander, how did you wound the enemies of our grand and prosperous forums?

    3. Melfice


      zarkyb said:

      Get your head out of your ass.

      I don't understand trolls.

    4. zark


      Melfice said:

      I don't understand trolls.

      Melfice previously said:

      I'll act like I care. Is that good enough?

      God damn hypocrite. Grow up.