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  1. website redesign is progressing nicely {http://darknation.mancubus.net/crap/zomdope4.jpg for a WIP), working on content. Want a FAQ page to inflate my already bloated ego.

    So, ask me some blatently obvious questions. And I will answer.

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    2. Fredrik


      Grazza said:

      This is over wirh!!

      I've wondered for a long time if "wirh" was a misspelling of "with" or actually an invented word meaning something like "whirl of fury".

      May darknation knows?

    3. myk


      darknation, what type of car hit you? What hospital are you in now? If you aren't in one, or if things are hopeless there, in what cenmetery are you about to be buried?

    4. Ichor


      Grazza said:

      People have recently been asking many questions recently. Most have been about dn's sexual perversions. We have to COMPLAIN on the forums before someone gives us the asnwer. This is over wirh!! From now on, when we ask for a sordid detail, you MUST reply the answer or we will get furious and report to the mod. We've already had to report to the mod 5 times. And we will take no more of this "we can't get an answer!!" stuff. So there. Good luck, as we ain't changing our minds!!

      Ahhhh, the memories...