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  1. windows has eaten my files. This, combined with my lack of CD burner, my own total stupidity and lack of foresight means that I have a big, gaping hole where three years worth of personal files used to be.

    Can't really think of what else to write here, but I am a little bit annoyed.

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    2. leileilol


      That's only ever happened when I restored to a restore point on a comp with WinXP (dated yesterday), it seemed to wipe out alot of game binaries intentionally like a posessed, evil superbeing. :(

      Not even Windows ME system restore is that evil, and I don't even use the feature anyway since I know what i'm doing with my computer.

    3. Grazza


      Danarchy said:

      I don't know exactly what I'd backup my 50 or so GB of stuff TO anyway. like 80 CD-Rs? A dozen DVD-Rs? The internet? That's all I know about backing up.

      Decide what's really critical/irreplaceable - that will mostly be stuff you've created yourself and so wouldn't be able to redownload or reinstall - and shove it on a DVD-R/RW (maybe zip it first). Do so every week, or however often makes sense.

      Obviously, this will be easier if the stuff you've created yourself is all in the same place (or places), and not mixed up together with huge files that you've downloaded.

    4. Lüt


      Danarchy said:

      Same here. I remember my dad used to backup stuff to these casette-type tapes in this weirdass drive we had.

      Heh, I never had one of those but it reminds of one time long ago at Adam's house when his dad set up a pretty good prank where he had Nicole sit on the computer room floor and start ripping all the tape out when Adam and I came by with a bunch of new games we wanted to try. He was sitting in the kitchen waiting for us to ask what she was doing, and when we did he came in and acted like some vital part of the computer was ruined and it wouldn't work. We were both really pissed off and spent most of the evening sulking until we finally asked why he was laughing so hard :P