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  1. I should have bought one of those 'learn how to play guitar like the shit of Hendrix in one hour' pamphlets.

    Anyway, I now own a piece of shit guitar. Other worthies, impart your wisdom upon me and I'll thank you when I'm rich and famous.

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    2. SYS


      Pick up the guitar. You now hold your soul within the palms of your hands. Every strum you make is an expression of yourself, your inner being. Release yourself through the blissful tones you create. Learn where your fingers should go, to create what tone, what note, learn to the point where you need not look down, you just know. Learn to tune your guitar. Once you learn the scale, learn your fingering, play sitting in a pitch black room, focus on nothing but the notes your hitting. Above all else, practice, practice, practice, did I meantion to practice?

    3. Liam


      Danarchy said:

      At least I have my IDM to fall back on. :D

      since when do you like idm

    4. Janderson


      For rhythm guitar learn chords and for lead guitar practice scales and other techniques such as bending, hammer-ons etc. Invest in Total Guitar, Guitar Player, and Guitar Techniques (all magazines). Go on the internet and locate the tabs of your favourite songs and play to them or if you are advanced try working them out yourself. Select for yourself a style, eg. blues or shred and work on your timing/speed. Don't forget finger exersises(sp?). Learn those important scales otherwise your random notes will sound like shit.

      Don't forget posture, sit up straight or you'll end up a hunchback.

      Practice makes perfect etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.