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    2. Bucket


      Oh, I'm sorry. My mistake.
      I realized that no one was really giving you advice on your site in that last thread, so much as they were trashing it. The "advice" part was pretty obscured there.

    3. darknation


      I didn't really expect much from you idiots on the forum anyway.

    4. SYS


      Well let's see. On the issue of Teenage pregnancy in Scotland. Being a bloke from Canada I find it to be quite messed up and seemingly easily preventable. Let's see, they taught my arse about puberty & sex ed pregnancy/STDS in grade 5. Then they went in even further detail but essentially the same shit aside from the genetic unit in grade 7. Grade 9, more about STD's, pregnancy, partners, sticking a condom on a Bananna. The pope is your problem.

      I mean, if I needed a rubber in highschool, I could go into the washroom, and buy one outta the dispenser. If I wanted to get me arse checked to make sure I'm not diseased I go to a communal clinic with confidentiality. If I needed counselling, we had school counsellors.

      Scotland seems nice enough to visit, but not nice enough to want to actually take up permanent residence. Kinda like London. If your in the mood, try treating your ears to sounds of The Real McKenzies. They're a Scottish punk band which reside in my pronvincial region of British Columbia in this Country known as Canada. I tell you, if I had to choose what correctional system I had to be thrown into, I'd take Canada in a heart beat. I can kill a bloke, go to prison for five years, eat and live more lavishly than a homeless person, and get a college degree and have the Canadian government pay for it.