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  1. it has leaked. It leaked and it fucking pissed all over me.

    it's fucking abysmal. fuckface reznor is a fucking useless tide of diseased douche expelled from the asshole of retard. Fucking hell, it's pathetic. It's a genuinely pathetic album. It's meant to be twelve good punches to the face, when in fact it's thirteen spots of fucking urine on the light trousers of reznor's legacy.

    Be warned people, this album sucks. Maybe one song I consider to be even decent, nothing even remotely up to the standards of the fragile or TDS. Two actually made me LAUGH.

    I'm through defending that gimpy goth dipshit. Reznor, your voice is like a fart hissing through a cat's arse and your lyrics are about as deep and meaningful as a transexual's vagina.

    Fuck NIN, fuck their retarded fans and fuck trent fucking reznor. Album is a total washout. The fucking end.

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    2. Insomniak


      It sounds A LOT like The Fragile. But in a strange way, it ties up alot of loose ends. You can hear alot of sounds and ideas from previous albums in this one.

      The dub mix of the single is trippy as hell, too.

    3. spank


      Shitty, disappointing, what have you.

      /me goes back to Alien and Catch 33

    4. Danarchy


      Insomniak said:

      It sounds A LOT like The Fragile. But in a strange way...

      Yes I agree. It sounds just like The Fragile except not good at all.

      Numbermind: the dude on the far left at the bottom looks like George Fiffy.