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  1. Yesterday, I woke up to discover a package in the mail.

    I, confused and half asleep, open said package. A giant, black box with the NIN logo emblazoned atop is inside.


    I read the enclosed letter, which informs me that trent reznor has selected people from the NIN mailing list to recive this complimentary vinyl box, special edition 1697 of 2000.

    I never win anything.

    I'm like, "RAWR! FREEBIES!!!"

    And I pick up the box, and it is light. And with trembling hands, I open the box.

    Trent Reznor sent me an empty fucking box.

    Rereading the cover note, I discover that the competiton was not for a box with vinyl, but just a fucking box that you can store vinyl inside of.

    An empty box, with a cover note explaining how I can fill it with Interscope Products and magically improve my life. Their part of the bargain is sealed by sending me a cheap, bashed 9" pizza box with the NIN logo on it. All I need do is spend rakes of money on their wonderful, pope-blessed vinyl to fill it with.

    I might see if I can get trent to autograph my Empty Fucking Box when he hits glasgow in July.

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    2. insertwackynamehere
    3. darknation


      to whom it may concern

      shut up spamming faggots


    4. Bucket


      darknation said:

      to whom it may concern

      Anyone here concerned? Show of hands.