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  1. I've got the fucking writer's block
    Waiting for the axe to fall
    Tapping at the keys, I wait
    For one idea that doesn't suck

    I cannot rhyme. I cannot lie.
    I cannot tpye\hfajlsvbry
    I'm fucked. My brain has runneth dry.
    Dah dum dah dum dah dum day cry.

    And just when mind had turned to sieve,
    I thought of you and all you give.
    I'm cured! I love! I feel! I live!
    You are my mental laxative.

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    2. DooMBoy


      What, a typo from Bloodshedder?! /me gasps

      The icy fingers of death
      Wrap their way around my heart
      And even though I welcome dying
      I don't want you and I to be apart
      So that's why I'm asking you, dear
      To take my hand and come with me
      Let us die together
      As we listen to the wind howl a mournful symphony


    3. Fletcher`


      Raging storm and fire's hand,
      Listen for the fall of man.
      Trumpets call til guilty fall.
      Shots ring out along the wall.
      I'll take your hand and cross the land,
      Through shadows dark and visions damned.
      The furies reign and claim their home,
      Tempest winds against we'll roam.
      Marching on into the night,
      Beaming out our future's light.
      Some will look back on our day,
      Cry they will for what we pay.
      Dying world we look to you,
      And see your message all too true.
      Fires rage our sins we dealt,
      Forever more our children felt.

    4. Dr. Zin

      Dr. Zin

      Many Zombies I have killed
      With my trusty 30-30
      The biotech company never got billed
      Even though they let them loose
      This is what fate willed
      At least I still have MY brains