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  1. What if poison fucking ivy
    Lived aside the fucking rose
    What if piss and shit and envy
    Were companion of your hope
    What if life and death were lovers
    What if saints and hookers fell
    What if Jesus loved a prostitute
    And heaven followed hell
    What if wanton self destruction
    Walked astride in hand with love
    What if pestilence and vultures
    Were the bedmates of the dove?

    If you could make a flower grow
    In stagnant stinking filth
    Would you let the precious flower go
    With someone fucking else?
    And if you could paint a masterpiece
    While deep inside you drown
    Would you let somebody save it?
    Would you drag it fucking down?
    Would you suffocate your flower
    Would you smother it with love
    Would you break it’s stem with all your hate
    Or would you let it go?
    Would you grant your love a future
    Or condemn it here to die
    And then wither up within your book
    Your flower, pressed and dry

    Your perfect little flower.
    This perfect work of art.
    I choose the right over the wrong
    And die of broken heart.