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  1. Going to try and keep a real blog... I give it three days, tops.

    Right, what's going on in my life atm? Not a lot. Not a good start.

    I'm going to bitch about my lack of any meaningful productivity... I mean, it's been like a week since I wrote ANYTHING other than "heh" or "/players 8". I haven't drawn anything, haven't had a single interesting thought, have dossed about either in IRC or Diablo 2 wasting my two days off from work.

    Need to get focused. Need to make decisions.

    A few days ago I started back on the anti-depressants, idea being that if I can stabilize my moods and life then that's a better foundation for me to actually do something with it. Building metaphor thing.

    Now, I retrieved what remains of the original book from mancunet, was reading it today, and... it's funny shit, imho. It's very spike milligan, and that's probably a good thing. It's not as crap as I thought it was.

    Bad news is, the latest incarnation of my novel is no where near as funny. It's better written certainly, but it's just not as aubsurdly humourous.

    So, dunno what to do about that. Dunno if I'm even going to bother in the immediate future.

    I promised myself that I was going to sort my life out, but it's easier said than done. I sorted out my personal relationships, I started treatment for my diseased brain.

    Now what? I'm like, stuck again. I don't know what way to go. I mean, the chances of ever finishing my book are pretty slim. My chances of getting back into university are fucking nada. My job eats ass and I don't have the qualifications to get another, non-assmunch job.

    It's not looking good for the home team atm. Need direction in life, I need something to aim for a definite course to sail. Until I figure that out, nothing really changes.

    fuck spellchecker.

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    2. Fletcher`


      Makes the game difficulty ramp up to be the same as if there were eight players. you get more experience and stuff this way, but it's a fuckload harder.

    3. Little Faith

      Little Faith

      Danarchy said:

      What the heck does "/players 8" do?

      Simulate more players in the game making monsters tougher.

    4. Sharessa


      Oooh...interesting. Maybe I should try that some time.