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  1. Who lives in a house like this?

    1+3+2 is 6! MATHEMATICAL GENIUS!

    Touch the hose, nobody knows. Blob's mum fisting a hamster, it's all good. Rampant indecision; Is it cheese? Is it the Making of Moses (TDI Edition)? What's the crack, pull your chate, get your pants on and party with Jesus. And you will know His name is the Lord, when He has a felt tip pen and He uses it.

    We like the Bucky. Bucky, the savior of the Mice. The mice all having an orgy, twenty four mice all giving it death on the window sill, one rolls over and mouse art sidewalk.

    Condoms for everybody!

    6 + 2 + 1 = 9! MATHEMATICAL GENIUS!

    Hitler likes his tapdancing, missiles and flan whist the jews all sport massive erections in the name of Love. Moses, he likes it not, he rides into town on his monster truck and he says; "I'll beast YOU, you filthy little hoor, I'll ride your leg till I rupture and spray man mustard all over your fucking jew udders, slagmaster McPhee and the legion of Doom!" And Moses, he knows the crack, he knows the power of the plaid. Corsets for freedom! You know it makes sense.

    4 + 4 + 2 = 10! MATHEMATICAL GENIUS!

    beetroot, food of kings. The beetroot revolution, spinning roots and DJ's all getting jiggy but the princess is in another castle. Skin cancer fighting the tranformers, they turn into bricks and fly away to seek the steak, to fight the battle of armageddon and find the truth behind the evil ballistic minges that fly and soar through the custard skies of Mars.

    1 + 1 + 1 = 3! MATHEMATICAL GENIS!

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    2. Fletcher`


      You can masturbate at home and think that nobody'll be watching, but his fat slob of a cousin, mom is into beastiality, but nobody really cares. Supposedly that movie about Moses was crap, and comparable to rotten cheese, but he nor she can figure it out. Either way, there's a party in town and Jesus is gonna be there. pants are a requirement at the front gate. God's gonna make a guest appearance, who is also doing a book deal with a well known scotsman.

      Bucky saw a group of mice raping each other on a window sill and to them he looked like God, being a big guy compared to them. One fell off and died, and Bucky thought it was sad.

      Condoms prevent retard births. (or so we'd like)

      Hitler was a fuckhead, killing jews with missiles and flans. The jews didn't really care as they were all getting it on in the bed regardless. Moses, some guy with a truck is probably gay and doesnt actually like the jews.. Some saviour he turned out to be. But Moses was also in league with a scotsman, (the guy writing God's book "Corsets for freedom!") and the truth is: it's a lie. It's not supposed to make sense.

      Beetroots are tasty. People started eating beetroots en masse while listening to Mario remixes. Transformers CAN get skin cancer.. some say its more like rust on the ass, he says that they crumble into bricks and pummel cow meat. Mars, so I've heard, has a sky made of pie, and is ruled by explosive flying minges (whatever that is), which will undoubtedly be the end of us, had it not been for the cancerous Transformers.

      Math sucks.

    3. Snarboo


      I knew a man who had sex with a transvestite named Moses once. He also liked beetroot and had a poster of Hitler he would shoot at with missiles(more like bullets, but it's a projectile none the less). Obviously an individual like this would have a truck and use condoms on the weekends to torture the retarded children he kept locked up in his 10-acre underground bathroom closet. He wasn't literate in math, but he did enjoy numbers, especially the bigger ones such as 10 or 11. His brother was a Jew for Jesus. God was so impressed he gave my friend a back massage with a golden vibrator known as the Holy Grail, the marital aid Mary Magdelene used at the last supper since Jesus was going to die and it was a sin to hump the penis of a dead man walking.

      What this has to do with anything in this blog is up to the mighty being known as CONTEXT to decide.

    4. Foofoo


      but television is bad for your health. You're forgetting this. mankind was not meant to create television. we've gone against the divine rules.
      *licks my monitor*