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    2. myk


      AndrewB said:
      But what about us with <10s attention spans?

      The first time I browsed through the thread I ignored it because my attention shortcircuited, but later I was in an odd state of mind and I read it out loud (not sure if I pronounced the scottish names right, unfortunately) and that was kind of fun.

    3. Psyonisis


      Great story. Why don't you have an underground following yet?

    4. darknation


      my comics had a moderate following of bemused canadians for a time, my writing has yet to gather any such horde. I *might* see if any of the larger websites (SA, I noticed that weebl's stuff now has a place for articles...) would consider running a short series of stories penned by yours truly... running my own website is beyond me.

      I would like my own mass of demented quasi-religous zealots to carry out my every desire. I may make an(other) application form.