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  1. I just can't get into this 'new NIN' crap. Basically, I just don't like With Teeth.

    Trent has gotten rid of all his old band, which irks me something rotten. I could understand it if the old band sucked (ala richard patrick), but Robin, Charlie, Dillion and Lohner were awesome. Really. They gelled on stage. They looked utterly dissimilar in dress, yet they came together as a band, played off each other and sounded entirely organic. Watching them play The Mark Has been Made is stunning. Ditto with the other instrumentals. I still love what Finck did with La Mer, turning the long guitar drone into whale song.

    Thats probably part of my problem, actually. The Fragile was an intensely organic album, the instruments immitating nature. There was a whole indian thing going with it as well, tambourines and 'Aiiieeee Aiiiieeahhhhhhs' (see the way out is through - live for details). Voices as instruments. It was insane, the nah nah nah's of TDTWWA should *not* have worked, yet they do. The Fragile was a brave album, it should have been impossible to play live. The level of creativity that went into transfering that album to a live show was amazing, the way trent and co. tackled the problems of the production. When you have problems of that magnitude, you have to get creative to solve them. And it was interesting to see, even if you hated the music.

    If the fragile was organic, then with teeth is... well, not. The album is so simplistic in it's sounds that it can be tranfered straight over into a live setting, no hassles. And it's boring. There don't seem to be any momments of 'how do we simulate dead babies and whales with a guitar and a box of cornstarch', less thought has went into the transfer and as a result we have boredom on a grand scale.

    The new band are technically competent, which suits an album that is, at best, technically competent. Aaron North, who's prime skill seems to involve pissing people off and taking epiletic fits on stage. He plays a mean guitar, but it's utterly inhuman. Aaron North does not play whale song.

    Jeordie just kinda stands there. Admitidly that's what bass players do, but this is a whole new level of apathy. You get the impression that he doesn't actually like his instrument a whole lot.

    The new keyboard player is equally devoid of personality. I can't even remember his name.

    And then Jerome Dillion fakes a heart attack and jumps ship at the start of the tour, removing that vital link between old and new and leaving the band without a competant drummer.

    I can't say I blame Jerome for fleeing. First trent decides to do live drums on the album, then kicks his drummer in the teeth by hiring dave 'rent a cymbal' grohl. Then he's got to watch trent piss all over his former band mates (robin especially got it bad...) and climb up on the 'I'm sober and EVERYONE WILL CLAP' reznor, who frankly won't shut the fuck up about it. I fucking hate ex druggies and ex alcoholics, they are the most boring people on earth because they never shut their self-obsessed, aggrandizing and morally superior shitflaps.

    If reznor was actually making better music now he was off the sauce I'd be the first one to go 'w00t.' Unfortunately, it would appear that either the drugs or the fear of the drugs was the driving force behind reznor's writing ability, and now that the fear has gone away he's desperately trying to plug the gaps with whatever shit he can get his hands on. I feel guity for saying it, but I wish someone would stick a pipe up his ass and shoot a speedball suppository straight up into his bowel.

    The songs he has revealed on this tour have been lack-luster. Not So Pretty Now is lame beyond words. I'm remembering the days when rhyme was optional, reznor's best work (the wretched springs to mind) comes when he's not so obsessed with finding that elusive 'pop hook' and just writing something honest.

    Just a relfection
    Just a glimpse
    Just a little reminder
    Of all the what abouts
    And all the might of could have beens
    Some other day
    Some other way
    But not another way to continue
    And now you're one of us
    The Wretched

    That little couplet is all over the place, in places it's brilliant and in other's you are wondering what the fuck he was playing at. Heard, it sounds good and has only one obvious rhyme at the end of a line.

    Nothing like that on With Teeth. What we have there is Need, Feed, Greed, Bleed, Weed, Deed, Veed, Meed, Seed and Shite.

    Gothic poetic he is not. What images he does invoke (sunspots, fucking in his own cremation, nice stuff) are quite striking. All the way through the fragile he was doing his whole sustained metaphor thing, fire and water, icarus and friends. Yes, it was to the detriment of the rhyming. But when you are rhyming two sylble words it can't get much fucking worse.

    Also, his new haircut makes him look stupid.

    End of rant.

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      That is the ugliest LJ page I've ever seen Somehow I seriously doubt that is him (though not because of the ugliness).

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