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  1. Fuck Yes.

    Anyway, I love zombies. And to prove it, I am painting these zombies. All one hundred of them.

    Got a little production line going. I am just painting the Z's one colour, drybrushing, making the pants darker with a ink wash and picking out the flesh in white. Add blood and you have a great looking painted zombie in 20 minutes, faster once my zombie factory goes into full swing.

    The models themselves are made from shit quality plastic (100 zombies for ten bucks?), about the same grade as those little plastic soldiers you bought as a kid. they are 20mm tall, but the detail in them is really nice.

    The hero model is of the same grade plastic, but colored. I painted this one green, tribute to the doomguy. I spent more time on him, ├╝ber-drybrushing with lots of layers and care.

    anyway, buy the game. It is awesome.

    1. Danarchy


      Sweet! I love that game, and painting the zombies would only make it cooler.

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