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  1. The Melfice Award for Services to Gayness

    In choosing a recipient for this reward, I was forced to scour the blogs of all the.. actually, that's a lie. I just had to open wacky's blog, which over the couse of the year has provided more gayness than a gay factory.

    Classy moments include;

    - The unmasking of the Brady Bunch as being the first furries.

    - Wacky's Depression

    - Green Day Sucks (and so do you)

    - Poetry (Yum! Cum! Testicle Juice!)

    - It's a blog so it's a license to be retarded

    Overall, wacky is a worthy sucessor to our now sadly missed resident drama queen. Therefore I present this award to wacky.

    The Hormel Award for Proliferation of Spam

    This year the most annoying spammer (still not banned, for some reason) is without question DLD. I really can't think of anything else to say, other than Please, Stop. You Are Hurting Me.

    Also winner of the Giant Fucking Chin award.

    The Isle Award for Being A Derranged Pervert

    ...this year goes to Gargoylol, who not only added penises to doom monsters for most of the year but also added penises to many other fictional game characters.

    Also managed to push the attention away from Furries this year due to the fact that rubbing one out over gargoylol genitilia is even more weird and sickening.

    Also winner of this years 'Fuck Off And Die' award. Although, if he does, the winners will truly be the common man.

    The Golden Blubbering Vagina

    Nick Baker and his team of spastic howler monkeys totally annilated the competition this year. KZID has been a controversal project, not because of the subject matter but because the team members are 98% Ball-Chewing Batshit insane.

    Although Tormentor's whining in garbled english was a superb example of the Art of the Blubbering Vagina, topped off by leaving the community Never To Return, Nick Baker went one better and complained directly to Marv, your God and master. Fortunately, Marv takes as much interest in our daily goings on as the real God does, thus rending his anguished screams impotent and netting him the prize.

    Thanks Nick.

    Evil Bastard of the Year

    Difficult one this. Fredrik was my first choice, but I'm pretty sure that he really doesn't mean to be mean, it's just a total lack of and personality and / or people skills that have rendered him to the public as a vicious machine brain of evil. Similarly Numbermind has shown much promise this year as a vindictive and evil little bastard, but as of yet has shown little inclination to stab and otherwise mutilate those lower in the food chain than he. Perhaps one to watch for the future.

    Thus, Evil Bastard of the Year has to go to me. Again. I could give you a list of all the terrible, terrible things I have said and done but I don't like to brag.

    The AndrewB Is Right - Know It! Award
    Goes to AndrewB, even though he has been less annoyingly self rightous the previous twelve months. Risks loosing his title to a newcommer come the next year, although he is in no danger of loosing his virginity within the next twenty.

    The Bloodskull Award for Gargantuan Retarded
    In this, the most hotly contested field, I set certain criteria that the potential candiates must meet.

    1) Must Be a Fucking Idiot

    With these in mind, I whittled down the candiates to a mere 200, and then I choose one at random.

    Insertwackynamehere, come on down!

    This is a very special Gargantuan Retarded award, because it represents three years of being Fucking Stupid With No Obvious Improvement. Truly, one of the worst posters DW has ever known.

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    2. Bucket


      Not actual, but a word. Invented by ancient executive vice presidents.

    3. Kelzam


      What would we ever do without my gay services to Doomworld, which brought to us one of the most important 2005 Forum Awards?!?!

    4. zark


      Xenphire said:

      What would we ever do without my gay services to Doomworld, which brought to us one of the most important 2005 Forum Awards?!?!