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  1. I'm working on the novel. Again.

    Basically, I saw a chance. It has always been my opinion that, if stranded on a desert island with no distractions, no bloody people to annoy me and no fucking internet, I could finish this damn book I have been trying to write for four years in about a week of concentrated effort.

    I have been handed the oppertuninity to prove myself right.

    Yesterday I quit my job.

    My parents are on holiday for two weeks. I am in the house on my own. I have switched the phone off. This is my desert island.

    I have my notes, I have my coffee and my fags. I am bankrupt. When my parents return from holiday I will likely see myself kicked out of the house.

    This is a fairly dumb decision on my part. Yet I am willing to chase the dream.

    I am writing quickly, adding new chapters or editing as the fancy takes me. The new chapters are progressing well, the editing is progressing slowly. What *is* edited is my masterpiece. It is the cumulation of everything I have done so far, four years of short stories and half finished abortions all rolled into one giant, rolling landslide of narrative.

    I'm sitting at 12'000 words. My target is 60'000 by the time my parents return. After I edit and expand, taking the rushed words and polishing them into dn-style hyperbole, it should be up at 70'000.

    Fingers crossed that this works out, otherwise I am a dead man, heh.

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    2. Bucket


      I've written a couple thousand words for a story I'm developing, only about ten of which are actually going to be in the story. I can never decide just how much of a narrative I should outline before I dig into it and write from beginning to end.

    3. Shadow Dweller

      Shadow Dweller

      i'm only seven chapters into mine. not sure how many words that is though, since i somehow fallen into an awful pattern of changing chapters every other page. i should fix that as soon as i think of something to extend some of the chapters and take out unnessesary text.

    4. Craigs


      When your book is published, I will buy 4 copies just to help you out Darknation.