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  1. fact. old women who shit themselves often like to sit in it and scoot their butt around till it's mushy and squishy. Often the shit will enter their sagging meathole and you have to hook a finger inside their festering shitty cunt to get it back out again.


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    2. Ralphis


      stphrz said:

      Oh darknation, I have missed you so much :)

      I'm sorry to hear of your poop and pussy woes.

      holy fuck stphrz

    3. Erp


      Ew, I made the mistake of visualizing that in my mind. Now I'm going to be a little disturbed.

    4. Craigs


      It's good to have Dark Nation back. I'll never forget the words of wisdom he had for some trolling woman hater...

      Darknation once said:

      try typing with a finger, not randomly flailing at the keyboard with your cock in frothing spastic rage.