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  1. So beautiful, like a retarded butterfly.

    All my life, it's been good and bad in a row

    I will have my times of uninterupted joy

    Then I will get shot down

    Over and over


    It breaks me, like I'm glass

    Shattering on the marble floor of life

    The pain and joy are one feeling to me now

    For when I feel joy, I know pain is coming soon

    And when the pain engulfs me, I know that joy is bound to rear itself again...

    But what will I do when it doesn't?

    Will I allow myself to live without joy?

    Will I allow myself to live?

    Guess who?

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    2. AndrewB


      The holy warrior from Virginia Tech.

    3. darknation


      Kiss kiss bang bang baby

    4. Danarchy


      Better than Eric Harris's poetry, which was just KMFDM lyrics cut and pasted together.