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Logan MTM

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  1. Logan MTM

    Why do you map?

    It's are DOOM man...
  2. Logan MTM

    First editor ever?

    ...and about EDMAP ????????
  3. Logan MTM


    I said "LEGACY ONLY"... and thanks again shotgunm2...
  4. Logan MTM

    Edmap problems !! Please Help !!

    Hooooooooooo man... The old way is come back !!!!! I love Edmap to. He's my first editor. I beleave you ? has ben cleared. Hey... I build a WAD starting with EDMAP... 40% is done with EDMAP... Check up... http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=34559
  5. Logan MTM


    Thanks BlackFish... Now send me some demos with you playing...
  6. Logan MTM


    For all members was been played my Wad... I ask. What you think about... The designer? Dificult? And size of the wad? Thank again.
  7. Logan MTM


    Thanks friend... ...and i still waiting for the news demos OK.
  8. Logan MTM

    PLease Help need .dll for Wintex

    Make you download here... http://www.brdoom.com/_downloads/_arq/VBRUN300.zip Paste in windows folder and... is done.
  9. Logan MTM


    I be waiting for any coments of BrDOOM WAD... Thanks.
  10. Logan MTM


    Ops... I must refresh me... This gzdoom i don't know...
  11. Logan MTM


  12. Logan MTM


    RELEASE... 101 WAD is DONE. Another link to downloas in http://www.brdoom.com/_downloads/_arq/_pwads/BrDOOM.zip Please send me the demo of firt time play ok. I wont see how you going in first play in the new WAD. Thank to all members to DOOMWORLD FORUM in special to myk, iori and shotgunmassacre2. See you in next WAD.
  13. Logan MTM

    Why do you map?

    For fun, love and pleasure...
  14. Logan MTM


    Sorry... but The name 101.wad has ben created ???
  15. Logan MTM

    28,000+ linedefs and nodes won't be built?

    I think you must show the screen of this WAD...