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  1. aurikan

    Programming Advice

    python + tkinter is a great way to learn.
  2. aurikan

    Free at Last

    Fortunately, the IWAD is a simple chunk-based file format that is not patented (and remember you can't copyright a mechanism). None of the file formats used in the IWAD file format are patented. Furthermore the nomenclature and positioning of chunks the IWAD file can be inferred strictly from the GPL source code. I would doubt seriously lump names would qualify for copyright. The reference art issue is real, however. I believe that using the doom art as reference is OK -- its practically standard in the industry to use copyright materials such as movie clips, pictures, posters, etc as a reference point. The idea is that you are not creating a copy of what you reference, but rather using it to guide the theme of your creation. This is however a valid point of contention. The economic impact argument has no bearing unless the point above is sufficient to claim damages. Economic impact of itself is not sufficient, and is merely an aggravating factor. Nevertheless I believe the economic impact to be positive, as certainly Doom engine-based income must be near-nil, and the distribution of id's game in a totally free manner is excellent advertising.
  3. aurikan

    Free at Last

    >> The WILV** and CWILV** lumps contain graphics for the level names. Upon referencing the FreeDoom resources, it is clear that the .wad infringes no copyright or trademark, as the WILV?? and CWILV?? lumps contain generic names such as "E1M1" or "MAP30". As for the legality of the project: The only doom resources remaining under a non-Free license are the resources contained in the wad file: that is, levels, art, sound, music, et cetera. Replace these with non-derivative, Free supplements and doom will be freely distributable, with the engine under the GPL and the resources under the Artistic License.
  4. aurikan

    Free at Last

    Scragadelic, you obviously don't understand what freedoom is about: building a Free IWAD which can be packaged with a GPL Doom exe, and thus have a totally free and complete Doom game. It isn't about recreating a Doom ambience, though that would be nice. Feel free to contribute where you think you can. It isn't about having a good story, or having good levels, though they would be nice. Feel free to contribute where you think you can. As for the level names, correct me if I'm wrong but it seems there are no graphics which cite the map names. Thus a distribution of the Freedoom could not possibly violate any trademark or copyright, notwithstanding my severe doubts that a trademark would stand up (through dilution) or a copyright (through GPL redistribution permissions on the code which contains the code).
  5. aurikan

    The /newstuff Chronicles #109

    Funny, I've always thought GDM played like shit as well. Ever since the first release. I saw it and said "pretty ... but I don't know I could stand playing in it". And that's the truth: It *does* look nice. It *doesn't* lead to good gameplay in DM. Really, if you think about it, many of the DM wads aren't really that exciting for DM. Surge, Overload and the like have been perfecting the rather boring art of "square arena!" idea for a long time - I would hazard a guess that most of the DM level designers payed more attention to making their level look pretty than actual gameplay. If you take a look at the best DM levels ever made - d5m1, which also was a single level release before it got compiled into dwango, the danzigs, the dweller series - they have a few things in common: they have smooth, simple walls, and they are NOT just a box with weapons. Complicated wall designs are a distraction and will cause movement problems. And these levels play well. About the smallest the levels get can be seen in danzig1 or dweller11: and these are for 2 players! The larger maps still result in furious action, mostly because the weapon placement and architectural design is such that most of the map doesn't see much action. For example, in d5m1, 90% of the real action centers in the courtyard right around the BFG. Really, the rest of the level funnels players in that direction. At the same time, the size of the level means it scales to higher playercounts, something that the box-with-weapons model does not.
  6. aurikan


    you asshole!
  7. aurikan

    DeePsea 11.2 Released

    you are on the way to destruction
  8. aurikan

    Watch Your Back...

    Try F-zero X for N64 some time. Wonderful racing game. Make a mistake and you're toast.
  9. aurikan

    Watch Your Back...

    Try F-zero X for N64 some time. Wonderful racing game. Make a mistake and you're toast.
  10. aurikan


    using perl those could be recovered
  11. aurikan

    Newbie? Not Newbie?

  12. aurikan


    hey cool nobody accused me of doing this
  13. aurikan


    I'm looking for a very *RARE* deathmatch level called "SS-MAP01.WAD" (or perhaps "SS-MAP1.WAD"). This is the original level that got turned into Dwango5 Map01 and it is VERY hard to find, therefore. If anyone has the ORIGINAL (or knows where i can grab it) could you drop me a line? Thanks
  14. aurikan


    this is truly a leet post
  15. aurikan


    shut up jon
  16. aurikan


    in my pants
  17. aurikan


    no now go away
  18. aurikan


    LOL ... post them screenshots ... idiots should learn something about submitting stuff before the deadline
  19. aurikan


    boo compromise
  20. aurikan

    Recess Is Never Over

    let me be the first to say ... anything at all
  21. aurikan


    limiting the contest to doom2.exe rather than boom? boom's additions are standard and well documented. anybody familiar with doom editing can just read boomref.txt and be up to speed -- as much as someone unfamiliar with doom2 editing could read the unofficial doom specs and be up to speed. just because it uses boom doesn't necessarily mean it is a promo for it. using special effects to save sectors isn't necessarily a cheat - in fact, isn't that part of the challenge here? scrimp and save sectors any way you can without sacrificing playability?
  22. aurikan

    What's Up

    i don't have a drinking problem and i don't have an anger problem.
  23. aurikan

    You Can Never Go Back

    waterloo, eh? let me ready my sock full of pennies ...
  24. aurikan

    10 Sectors Contest

    3dfx sucks
  25. aurikan

    What's Up

    teppic, don't bother with these people. if they want to think that #doomroom sucks, let them. with that kind of attitude, i don't see why we'd want to try to change their mind. and as for those who would believe them without questioning or looking into the situation themselves, we don't need those sheep either. let those who want to enjoy #doomroom do so. and as for recidivus, you should have stayed dead.