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  1. JoelMurdoch

    Doomsday Hi-Res Texture Pack

    Thank you kindly sir.
  2. JoelMurdoch

    Doomsday Hi-Res Texture Pack

    Hi Guys, Was wondering if anybody would be willing to upload the texture pack below somewhere as the download link is useless and breaks off constantly before completion. Thanks, Joel. http://dhtp.freelanzer.com/?page_id=17
  3. JoelMurdoch

    Time to move on

    Thanks guys. James, you know where to find me if you need to ask me anything, do not hesitate.
  4. JoelMurdoch

    Time to move on

    Guys, This is not a decision I am making lightly, but I have really been left with little choice. Time to face reality. Over the last couple of months, I have developed a back problem and some RSI in my right hand. The RSI isn't too bad but could get worse. And the irony of the back problem is it feels better if I don't sit down. So consequently, I am having to cut back on computer based hobbies as much as is possible. Basically my body is telling me I have spent too much time at a desk. I have not done Doom work for a while now (been waiting on some Eternity updates), but this development means that even when those updates come, I cannot/will not be able to make use of them. I have uploaded the work I have done on an Eternity version of Spear of Destiny. It may be playable as is, in which case, someone is free to upload it to idgames, so long as due credit is given to myself and Laz Rojas. Or you can take over and do more development on it. It can also be used as a template to do Eternity versions of Original and Nocturnal Missions. http://rapidshare.com/files/76873069/sod_eternity.zip.html It's a good example of the kind of things you can accomplish with Eternity's tech in terms of changing game mechanics. I've commented the EDF as much as possible. For these reasons alone it should be distributed. I will more than likely stick my head in here reasonably regularly and see how everything is going, download a new level or two, but this ends what little active involvement I had left with Doom. I still play every now and then, and will always love it, but there's other things to be done now. Joel Murdoch.
  5. JoelMurdoch

    Linked Portals in Action

    Good stuff.
  6. JoelMurdoch


    How is things coming along now?
  7. JoelMurdoch


    James, how are things going with the things we have discussed over the past few months?
  8. JoelMurdoch

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    It's fun reading a whole page full of a language you know and yet still not understanding a damn thing.
  9. JoelMurdoch

    Calm Down, Apple.

  10. JoelMurdoch

    abolishing restruants.....

    I think you need to renew your prescription.
  11. JoelMurdoch

    Transformers Movie

    That was a bit harsh. Everyone has their own opinion. No one is right, and no one is wrong (well, except politicians). Arguing about it and insulting each other is pointless. No one is going to change anybody's opinion. It takes a certain... perspective to enjoy a movie like this. It's a Michael Bay movie. You switch your brain into low gear and enjoy the ride. Don't overthink the details, cause that's when the holes start to show. Could I sit here and endlessly bitch about the flaws? Sure, but what would that accomplish? Nothing. The movie is done. I had nothing to do with it, and could not influence it. I just enjoy it for what it is, which is a big dumb fun action flick. There's more important things to get up in arms about. That's why I provided a "multiple perspective" review. It was done slight tongue in cheek, but the overall intent was still serious. Looking around the net, the reaction to the film on the whole seems to have been surprisingly positive, with some strong reviews and general positivity. Better than I expected actually. Critics tend to bite down on films like this while the action junkie masses like me have fun. A couple of final notes - on the emphasis of humans over the bots was probably due to CGI costs. I think I read somewhere that up to 38 hours of rendering per frame was involved. And as for the guy who said the bots could've been people and the movie could've been just the same.... uhhhh, what? Are you sure you saw the right film? Name for me one film where SPOOOOOOOOOILERRRRR two people roll over multiple freeways, crash to the ground and one decapitates the other and walks away unharmed or where someone flies through the air with no means of propulsion blowing up jets and maybe then I'll believe you're not on some pretty strong shit.
  12. JoelMurdoch

    Transformers Movie

    That line is not in there, but Prime recites a couple of classic lines.
  13. JoelMurdoch

    Transformers Movie

    That scene, memorable though it is, pales in comparison to this new movie. Seriously, the actions scenes are just mind blowing. The final battle in particular is just... nuts.
  14. JoelMurdoch

    Transformers Movie

    Sequels are basically guaranteed. As for whether Soundwave will be in it, here's a convenient, concise guide to picking which Internet rumours to believe. Don't. Following this guide will result in success rate of over 90%.
  15. JoelMurdoch

    Transformers Movie

    Oh I almost forgot, the one thing I really didn't like was one particular character's introduction. I won't say who to prevent spoilers; you'll know him when you see him. The rest of the humour was situational and fit well (like the scene I mentioned with the Autobots at Sam's) but this guy felt like forced comic relief in a somewhat serious scene and it didn't gel with me. Fortunately the scenes with him in this "mode" are relatively brief, and he gets it together when the shit starts seriously going down. A minor blemish on an overall solid and fun action film. And that poster looks ridiculous.