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  1. Guys (you know who you are, the rest of you can ignore this),

    The... er... "special happy place" is not dead. The guy who registered my domain name took me saying "Yes, please re-register my domain name; send me the bill and I'll put the money in your bank account" as "Do fuck all and let the domain lapse." I've told him to register it again, so hopefully we'll be back up and running within the next 12 hours.

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    2. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      Scuba Steve said:

      Whoa, since when?

      'Round the start of March, I do believe.

    3. Piezo


      Why did he get banned?

    4. Danarchy


      Because he doesn't like Ling and Ling doesn't like him. Simple as that.