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  1. peach freak

    Tnt: evilution vs Icarus: alien vanguard?

    The weird feeling I have towards Icarus is that I feel like if Doom was some futuristic sci-fi TV series made in the 70s, it'd look and sound like that. Maybe I'm projecting out too much from Map12's music track, which towards the end has those wavey/weird space sounds feel to it.
  2. peach freak

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Hm, I wonder if anyone's asked Sandy about that, I've always just gone up the middle, as long as you don't get too close to the crushers you won't set them off.
  3. peach freak

    Things about Doom you just found out

    It will still reset your health to 100%, so you'd be able to survive that way. And while a death-exit sector does remove invincibility from IDDQD, it doesn't remove an Invincibility Sphere, so if you wanted to stick around on a death-exit sector using IDBEHOLDV, you could.
  4. peach freak

    Things about Doom you just found out

    The switch is actually a lot more important on Nightmare too, since you'd want to clear the monsters before picking up the Blue Key and being immediately cornered and killed by Demons running at a trillion miles an hour. E2M6 is also the hardest E2 NM level IMO, a lot of backtracking involved in narrow hallways, so you'll have to deal with respawned monsters several times, especially after getting the Red Key and working your way to the exit from the Yellow Key.
  5. peach freak

    Things about Doom you just found out

    So I went looking for this Health Bonus in Doom Builder and also found out there's a multiplayer-only Berserk in E1M1, in the room off to the side at the beginning of the map. It only appears on Easy and Medium within multiplayer, but is this the only Berserk that can be found under any circumstances in episode 1?
  6. peach freak

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I'd also say the beginning of Map19 (NME) rips off Doom E2M1 (Deimos Anomaly). You have the option of either taking the teleporter in front of you to the next area or continue following the hallway like in E2M1. At the end of the hallway is a dead-end with windows looking out to the next area, like in E2M1.
  7. peach freak

    Doomcute thread

    My bad attempt at making a carousel in Doom, those are supposed to be two horses on a rotating carousel, which obviously can't be done in Vanilla Doom. This is based from Resident Evil: Code Veronica when you get to the top hidden room in the Private Residence, and solving the puzzle with the carousel gets you to another hidden room above, giving you access to the final key item needed to escape the island.
  8. peach freak

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Yeah, that barrel damage mechanic is how you can get same-type monsters to infight (Imp vs. Imp). If an Imp gets damaged by a barrel explosion where another Imp initially damaged the barrel, the Imp that got damaged from the barrel will go after the Imp who damaged the barrel initially. At first, all the fireballs he's chucking at the offending Imp won't do any damage, but eventually, he'll close in and they'll be able to fight and damage each other with melee attacks. This can also cause a monster to try to infinitely infight another same-type monster if they don't have a melee attack (Arachnotrons and Mancubi), which means no damage will ever be dealt. For Lost Souls, they forget their target after one attack, including when released by a Pain Elemental infighting a monster. The Lost Soul released by the Pain Elemental will be directed towards the Pain Elemental's target, but after the Lost Soul attacks the monster, it will forget that target and come after you instead (unless you're in a sector where your gunfire hasn't been heard in, then the Lost Soul will just go to being idle). This is also another reason why Pain Elementals need to be disposed of quickly, they are awful at infighting and will just fill the room up with Lost Souls when attacking, and the Pain Elemental's target will always go after the Lost Souls and not the Pain Elemental itself.
  9. peach freak

    Things about Doom you just found out

    At 150HP, the Demon would be pretty hard to gib too, even harder than the player (obviously the player getting up to 200 health and having armor can make him much harder to gib). The only things potentially capable of gibbing a Demon would be: -Telefrags -Maximum damage roll from a rocket (160) with <10HP remaining -Direct hit from BFG (200+ damage roll needed depending on health, a 400+ damage roll would gib it regardless of health, 300 would gib it as long as it's not at full health, and a 200 roll would gib it with <50 HP remaining) -Berserked Fist (160 damage roll would gib it if at <10 health, 180 with <30, and a max damage roll of 200 would gib it with <50)
  10. peach freak

    Is DOOM 2 meant to be played continuously?

    How far along do you get in the level before you run out of ammo? There's a secret fairly early on that contains a Super Shotgun and plenty of Shotgun shells, enough to get you through the rest of the level, also the Shotguns you can pick up from the Shotgun Guys behind the opening/closing windows at the start provide a decent amount of ammo.
  11. peach freak

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Doom E4M6: You can pick up the Red Key by bumping into the wall on the other side of the key (in the room with the Red and Yellow bars that need to be lowered). I was just playing episode 4 and noticed that the Red Key was missing when I worked my way through the hallway to get to it and noticed it was in my inventory, so I figured I must've bumped into it somehow. Even if you wall bump the Red Key, you still need to walk up onto the ledge it was sitting on to be able to progress the level, as that's what opens up the final area with the Cyberdemon and the exit. I guess the one perk of getting the key early is that you can press the switch to lower the Red Bars in the level, which will give you access to a BFG and an Invincibility Sphere.
  12. peach freak

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Glad my childhood self wasn't the only one who thought this!
  13. peach freak

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I didn't realize the author of E4M7 (John Anderson) also designed several Master Levels, which puts E4M7 into a different perspective IMO. It definitely has Master Levels-like aesthetics to it. The staircases in the interior part of the map look pretty similar to the stairs in Virgil, the slime tunnels at the end of the level remind me a bit of Minos, and the room with the Cyberdemon fight resembles the Cyberdemon fight room in Vesperas (where you have the bars that get raised up and can block rockets), all of which are Anderson-designed maps. Obviously the map isn't as complicated as the Master Levels, otherwise the map most likely would not have been added to Ultimate Doom. Also, it has several optional areas to explore like some of the Master Levels (you only need the Red Key to beat E4M7, not all three in the map).
  14. peach freak

    Things about Doom you just found out

    While on the subject of E4M6, I also found out that you can run through these bars to the right of the Yellow Key and into the lava pit below (the rest of the bars on the windows surrounding the Yellow Key are impassible): There's a Radiation Suit in the corner to your right if you run out this window, and a hidden door in between two skull rocks to get back inside on the other end. I knew how to get to this lava pit from the secret tunnel (I'd open up the door leading out to the lava to kill the Cacodemons at ground level and not need to wait for them to float up to the windows), but I never knew you could run out one of the windows to get down there as well.
  15. peach freak

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Doom E4M6: I just found out there's a second way to get into that room with the switch that lowers the pillar with the Yellow Key (there's two switches you need to hit to get the Yellow Key, one of them is the Blue Key switch that removes the bars in front of the key, the other switch lowers the pillar). On the steps leading up to the Yellow Key, the middle part of the top step is also a walkover line that will open up the door to the room on the left that contains that switch and the Rocket Launcher/Baron of Hell (the door cannot be manually opened up from the Yellow Key area side). For as long as I've played episode 4, I've always gotten to the Yellow Key using that hidden door (off the lava moat next to the Radiation Suit) that leads to the secret tunnel and then getting into the room with the switch from that end, I've always done that since that's what I learned from watching Led Meister's (ClassicDoom.com) demo of how to get all three keys from that map.