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  1. peach freak

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    The first time I ever heard the term "Ghost Town" as a kid was the Plutonia level (the 5th level in the game), so of course every time I hear that phrase the first thing to jump in my mind is that level. Same could be said for Anti-Christ (Map27 of Plutonia), and Last Call (the final TNT level).
  2. peach freak

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Don't feel bad, it took me a while to finally create a batch file and then just make minor tweaks to it when I need to launch a PWAD. Definitely beats opening a command prompt and cding all the way to your Doom folder (which to me was a long ass path).
  3. Is the second one the Jaguar Hell Keep?
  4. The PSX port of Doom actually includes Doom II enemies in the Ultimate Doom levels, on E1M1 there is a Pain Elemental in the secret Armor Bonus hallway that you get to by triggering a lift in the zig-zag room.
  5. peach freak

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I believe in Vanilla Doom, saving doesn't save the owner of any active projectiles, so when you reload the saved game, it won't remember who originally fired the projectile, so it essentially becomes "unowned" at that point. There is a similar thing in deathmatch, where if you shoot a rocket and die, the rocket will still be in your name until you respawn, so if the rocket hits and kills someone else you'll get credit for a frag as long as you remain dead, but if you decide to respawn while the rocket is still travelling and the rocket winds up killing someone, then the rocket is unowned and you'll get no frag. I think this applies to enemy projectiles too. If an enemy fires a projectile, and then you decide to save your game while the projectile is travelling, if you reload the saved game, the enemy projectile won't have an owner at that point, so if it hits another monster after reloading a saved game, the monster that got hit won't turn around and start fighting back at the monster who actually fired the projectile. EDIT: I did test the second statement in E3M1. Played the opening part on Hurt Me Plenty (so I only need to kill off one of two Imps at the beginning and will only need to content with one Cacodemon and not two after opening the first door). I was able to save the game while a Cacodemon fired a fireball at me, with an Imp in between. When the Imp got hit, he turned around and started attacking the Cacodemon, but when I reloaded the saved game, the Imp didn't turn around to fight the Cacodemon after getting hit from its fireball.
  6. peach freak

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    Wow, I saw that the DWANGO6 intermission song was finally discovered. Do we have the link to the MIDI archive site it may be posted up on?
  7. peach freak

    Long term effects of playing Doom on one's mind

    For me, I'm not much of a music buff, I'd say the average person knows more about music than I do. Most of what I know in music today is because of music in Doom WADs, largely the DWANGO WADs, so if I hear a song on the radio that I've heard in a Doom WAD, I'll think to myself, "Hey, that's MapX from WAD Y!" The same goes if I hear a song that I swore I heard in a Doom WAD, I'll go look up the actual song and the WAD I suspected the song being in. Also, sometimes I'll look at the walls and steps in my house as upper/middle/lower textures.
  8. peach freak

    Things about Doom you just found out

    My way of getting out of the room is remembering that it's the teleporters in the northwest section of the room. Before identifying it like that, for me, it was "the set of teleporters that has that pool of blood right next to it" EDIT: Jumped into the map and checked, and wow, I never knew those set of teleporters glowed as opposed to the other three sets... EDIT 2: Also looking at the four sets of teleporters in the area, it's the only set with GATE3 flats as the teleporter texture, the other three sets of teleporters use GATE2.
  9. peach freak

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I think I've been saying Arch-vile wrong this whole time. I've always said it as "Arch-ville" (as if it was a city or a town, or how you would say "vil" in vilified), and not "Arch-vile" (saying it like "vial" or the word vile that means evil). Laugh away.
  10. peach freak

    Things about Doom you just found out

    None of those sections I see have a sky. Was this an earlier version of Doom or something and not Ultimate Doom?
  11. peach freak

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    No monsters wouldn't remove keys, I think the only way to remove keys is to set the skill level to 0 (which removes everything in the map I think).
  12. peach freak

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    As much as I thought they were snakes, I thought with the theme of Hell/Episode 3, that intestines would have made more sense (if we have other textures of guts and bones and whatnot).
  13. peach freak

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    The office where I work at is getting rebuilt. It's almost finished, and the person in charge of the building asked for names for the new conference rooms. There are five of them, so I recommended Phobos and Deimos as names. When I realized there were five, I threw in Titan, Titron, and Ariel as well.
  14. peach freak

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I thought the floor you walk across at the beginning of E3M1 (SFLR6_1) was snakes and not guts/intestines when I was a kid.
  15. peach freak

    What is your favourite episode 2 level?

    Containment Area. Wide open level, a lot of places to explore, and super satisfying to pick up the Berserk and start punching out Imps. Runner-up: Halls of the Damned. This was honestly the first level in Doom to creep me out. The music track (Sinister) fits the level perfectly, most of the level is cramped up and claustrophobic, and the level gives you a feeling that something terrifying is around the corner. When I first played the level, I only did what was minimally required to beat the level, I was pretty scared to step into optional areas (mostly the rooms surrounding the Yellow Key room). I just wanted to pick up the three keys and make a run for the exit, before another round of Cacodemons or Barons of Hell were released on me.