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  1. peach freak

    Your pet peeves for what people do in doom

    I'd also go with seeing Mouselook in Doom. I'm not bothered by other modern features, like jumping, but mouselook just feels so out of place in Doom.
  2. peach freak

    Your pet peeves for what people do in doom

    When someone picks up a Soulsphere with like 30% health remaining instead of getting nearby Stimpacks and Medikits to boost your health BEFORE getting the Soulsphere. And picking up large ammo boxes when near maximum ammo.
  3. peach freak

    Favorite "Creepy" Map?

    The one that jumps out the most for me is Halls of the Damned. The music on the SNES version made it feel scarier though. The level always made you feel something terrible was around the corner and that one wrong step would lead to dire consequences. The map creeped me out as a kid that I only did the bare minimum to beat the level and nothing else. Also, Final Outpost on Doom 64. Not so much the level is creepy, but the music does a good job of reminding you that you're out in space, by yourself, and that there is no living human around for hundreds of millions of miles. If I was ever out in space alone this would be the track in my head.
  4. peach freak

    Things about Doom you just found out

    In Plutonia Map03, the floor in that twisting hallway (the one that leads to the Red Key and the exit) that drops you into that room with the Mancubus and the Chainsaw also drops several other floors in that hallway. The sectors were probably copied and pasted in that hallway with the tags in tact. You never notice it normally since the walkover line to lower the floor/lift is a one-time only and not repeatable. The only way you could really notice it is during a multiplayer game. You could send one person back up the hall, let them continue down, and then press the switch from that room with the Chainsaw/Mancubus to lower the floors again.
  5. peach freak


    Although the Doom II In Name Only WAD has a good interpretation of "Gotcha!". I was certainly fooled and the map "got me" when I played it for the first time (having a mob of Hell Knights surround you with nowhere near enough ammo to kill them, then releasing a Cyberdemon to clean them up for you).
  6. peach freak

    Things about Doom you just found out

    No biggie, I bolted off the crate when I found it doing 20% damage! Didn't occur to me to just turn IDDQD on, lol.
  7. peach freak

    Things about Doom you just found out

    lol, just posted this a couple of posts back. I Immediately ran off the crate as soon as it started hurting me. Didn't know you'd get stuck up top if you stayed on it, though.
  8. peach freak

    Fast texture scrolling in Plutonia Map05

    So how would this be done in a map editor? I don't see anything glaring in Doom Builder. I checked with ZDoom and Doomsday and the textures scrolled at normal speeds.
  9. There are some areas in Map05 of Plutonia where the scrolling textures scroll pretty fast. One is in the area with the Spider Mastermind, up on the platforms where the second round of Chaingunners are released. In the little rooms they pop out of are scrolling textures, but in Vanilla Doom, they scroll really fast. You can also find this near the exit, I believe it's at the switch that opens up the exit room, it has really fast scrolling blue lights. Was this a bug or something specific to Final Doom? Never really gave it any thought until now. Thanks.
  10. peach freak

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Plutonia Map01: The trap where the Arch-vile is released in the SSG room (with all the crates) is a damaging sector. When up on top of the crates, a crate below is lowered from the ceiling, releasing the Arch-vile. If you stand on this crate while lowered (you can lower it more than once if needed), you'll take 20% damage. Plutonia Map04: The red teleporter at the end takes you to an area where you can get an Energy Cell Pack (in the Yellow Door room with the Barons of Hell). Thought all this time it'd take you back to the center of the map or something. Usually at that time too you ignore it since you're on your way out and going through the silver teleporter.
  11. peach freak

    absolute least favorite maps in doom or doom 2?

    Doom: Maybe E4M5. Probably because it seems to have the same design from start to finish. I'm sure that could be said with other maps, but the map just feels...dull and depressing. Most of the other levels, for all their flaws, have their charms, but not this one. As a kid, I'd definitely would've put Mt. Erebus and Limbo here. Before PC Doom, I had the SNES Doom port, and Mt. Erebus was only accessible on harder difficulties, meaning the Blue Key was tucked away in a pretty hidden area. It was nearly impossible to find. I believe I found the secret exit before finding the Blue Key. I'd be stranded on this level for a while making no progress. For Limbo, it was the Red Key maze. Maybe the low quality graphics made the other openings in the maze hard to see, but I spent ages looking for that damn Red Key. Doom II: Outside of The Chasm, maybe The Citadel. Especially when it feels like you need to go through the same place five times, or you take the wrong teleporter and usually needing to backtrack to the previous area seems to be more of a pain than it is.
  12. peach freak

    Which map is harder, E4M1 Hell Beneath or E4M2 Perfect Hatred?

    Definitely E4M1, especially when going for 100%. E4M2 is only really hard at the beginning with the horde of Cacodemons. Usually I just drop to the pit below, get the Radiation Suit, go up that staircase in the corner to get to the room behind the starting area (where there's two more Boxes of Shotgun Shells), and finish off the Cacodemons from there. Afterwards, you then get a Plasma Gun with plenty of ammo for it to blast through the rest of the map. Plus, the Cyberdemon simply gets telefragged. And you're almost guaranteed to leave the map with maximum cells. I like the map.
  13. peach freak

    What inspires you to make maps?

    My childhood drawings. I'd spend math class in middle school drawing up Doom maps on my papers (using triangles as if IDDT was turned on), and my teacher would be like "Get back to work, you have to stop drawing these......things". He also asked "What are these things that you are drawing? A secret meeting or something? Tell me." And that's when I told him about Doom. My other inspiration is Resident Evil. I've turned the first three RE games into Doom maps, and I'm finally after all this time turning Code Veronica into a Doom map, after grappling with how to make it in Doom (since there is a character switch midgame, I'd figure to split it into two different maps). For once, I actually like how this is coming along.
  14. peach freak

    Plutonia 2 Map19 BFG

    Correct, it's flagged to only appear on Multi-player. Nothing is up there on single player. I figured you needed to strafe-run up there, but that looks incredibly difficult. Would you need to strafe-run through the door or could you start from the candelabra? Speaking of hard to reach strafe-run places in Plutonia 2, there's this Invincibility Sphere in Map17 (in a pit behind a Mancubus near the exit) that's almost impossible to reach. You need to strafe-run (and I've seen a video of it), but I haven't been able to get across the small pit and onto the ledge to get back there.
  15. peach freak

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Plutonia Map20 (The Death Domain): There is a hidden area in the exit room. If you walk past the opening leading to the balcony where the exit teleporter is, you'll find a dead-end with a Chaingunner and a Medikit. There is a walkover line here that opens up a hidden area across from that door you can shoot to get a Megasphere. In this room is a Backpack with a bunch of Clips and Rockets.