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Status Updates posted by geo

  1. Looks like that guy was jettisoned from Doomworld. I'm sure you know who I'm talking about.

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Can't say I'm surprised :P

  2. Your avatar is awesome.

  3. So I just discovered that guy who did the "Doom is not 3D" video died almost a year ago at the age of 25 via suicide on July 4th.

    1. Doomkid


      Yeah, I heard about that too, a few people in the comments on my response video informed me. I don't really know anything about him but it's always tragic when someone takes their own life.

    2. geo


      It's sad and I didn't even like the guy. All I knew was he was a less popular speaker on a popular channel that caused ire on the community for a bit.

  4. geo


    1. Ajora


      Clowns are sexy.

    2. geo


      I was waiting for that ProJared thread to get destroyed. Wish granted.

  5. What am I in Tower of Babel? I'm being followed by a CyberDreamon.

  6. Fantastic avatar.

  7. geo

    1. Ajora


      If I had a fireplace, I'd totally buy that. KFC's aroma is hypnotic.

  8. Is it fair to say you love pantless dudes?

    1. Doomkid


      Yes, I show pantless dudes love


  9. The "Unpopular Opinion" thread may as well have been Thread Hell reincarnated.

  10. You there... Zappa fan. You did the Flat Earth video correct? You should do another about how New Zealand doesn't exist. It's not on 99% of the world's maps.

    1. Doomkid


      I'm here and I think that's a great idea, time to debunk the myth that is New Zulland

    2. geo


      I remembered another theory that had a lot of traction about a decade ago... FACT: The sun doesn't heat the Earth, the Earth's core heats the Earth and that's why mountains are cold! If the sun really did heat the Earth, the mountains would be hotter and not colder.

  11. I'm happy you shut down that bump fest known as agree or disagree.

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      dIsAgReE, it was a fun thread


      The master/slave concept in programming stuff shouldn't be offensive

    2. User Name

      User Name

      Good work Linguine!

  12. I have never seen Garfield look so healthy.

    1. eharper256


      Starting a citrus lasagne trend, of course.

  13. I was listening to the radio when some sort of hardcore dance beat came on... now I look at your avatar and he's dancing good to the music.



    Has been both a giant annoyance and a source of hilarity. The prep work for this construction began like 9 months ago. Things were marked, things were fenced off and terrain was leveled. This was not an issue. The actual construction began about 3 months ago to put in a sewer system on my side of the road. My side of the road meaning literally its mine and my own side of the road. All the other homes are on the other side. Its justified that I take the brunt of it.


    The first issue happened on the first day, they severed my cable for television, phone and Internet. Electricity would be worse. Someone came out to fix it right away and it was fixed right away. However... the cable company denies sending anyone out and they want to know who it was. Well he had a van with your company's logo. The guy warned me that the cable has deteriorated and would need to be replaced at another time. Well its less than a year old. That does explain why my Internet has been bad for 9 months. Well I guess now that I'm tying it out... construction would explain why its been bad for 9 months.


    Its fixed, it works fine... for 24 hours where then the line is severed again. This cable line was spray painted on the ground so they could clearly see it. I saw the orange spray paint. Cable company sends out a new guy to fix it. New guy comes in like a week. It took a stupid long time for this guy to get out here. He even missed an appointment. When he did come out he was pissed off he had to lay a new cable. He laid it right across the line. That's fine... construction would only cut it again.


    Later on during construction, they warned me I couldn't leave the house for 4 hours. That's cool. They dug out an area and laid pipe. Well quitting time came... so rather than continue to bury the pipes they left them exposed, put up a little orange fence and laid a giant metal plate where my driveway used to be. Even for a giant metal plate, it didn't look too solid over a chasm. I dealt with it. They filled it the next day and put gravel over it.




    A month or two goes by. Construction is now literally blocking my driveway again as they work down the road to put the sewer beneath a body of water. So now the blockage is a giant semmi to haul away dirt. If I needed to leave... they'd just move the semmi. The only problem is I had to wait for an excessive amount of cars. At night they left their equipment next to my driveway so its like trying to peak out past 2 buildings with 55 mph traffic coming. So I only went out at night as that way I can see the headlights and not get hit. People can't even see there's a driveway and well since my house is the only house on this side of the road... no one would expect oh there's driveways. Unless people know the area.


    Let's continue shall we? Construction severed the cable line again. This time, they didn't just sever it, they first buried it with dirt and laid two giant metal plates over it so the semmis could have an easy resting place. That's just procedure I assume. But then at night they laid a giant metal box over it. Box for debris and rubble, whatever.


    Cable company sends someone out like 3 days later. The box is still there, the construction is still there. The cable guy is the same as last time... he flips out about it. Says he can't do anything and just drives away. What? Cable company was shocked about it, so they sent a new person out 2 days later. The new cable person did the smart thing, which was have the construction crew move their giant box, their metal plates and they dig out the cable. Well that was easy.




    As of 3 or 4 days ago. construction has now barricaded the road, because they're working on a 4 way intersection further down. I bring it up, because now it starts getting hilarious. This 4 way is a big hub. A hub on the way to Walmart, and a hub between 3 towns. Not having it means an excessive drive through lots of stop lights in all other directions going 35 mph rather than 55 mph.


    I bring it up, so you can understand just how bad people want to get through these barricades. Despite having a posting on the construction barricades citing its unlawful to move the barricades... sure enough people still move the barricades and drive right on through. So the police now have a posting there to catch people and give them tickets. Only here's the thing, one post isn't enough. Its up to two postings. ... but now its at 3 squad cars and 1 police SUV. The cops have 2 cars blocking one of the roads that still has a barricade.


    That's just one posting though, the other postings people still see the cops and chose to go around the barricade and the police vehicles. Wow. Now that's some bravery or stupidity to move the barricades in front of the cops. The cops are busy with 1 vehicle so another vehicle will try to just weave around them.


    Anyway, now the police seem to be impounding vehicles if they weren't already. I went to observe the area since its legal to as I own the property. The police had one person stopped that somehow got through the barricade, then three motorcycles just drove around the barricade where there was no police posting and sure enough the police got them in the middle of the four way. Looks like they need four postings to keep people out, but then again I assume they get ticket money for all these blockade breaches.


    I would take pictures, but it might be illegal still or frowned upon to go taking pictures of crime scenes or police on duty.

    1. NuMetalManiak


      Back where I used to live there's been this construction project for fixing a road that's been there for 3 years already. They trying to fix roads but barely even got shit done as far as I can tell other than block lanes right on the way to the campus I actually have to go to.

  15. geo

    You're almost at 666 posts.



    I go jogging a few times a week and usually about once a month I see at least one guy in a zip front, light hooded sweatshirt with the hood pulled tight, big dark sunglasses and a mustache so thick that there's a 50% chance its not real. With that combination, I start to wonder if these guys are unibomber enthusiasts or undercover cops from the 70s. They're too young to be from the 70s, but they just looks so out of place and they really stand out. No matter if its winter or the summer, they still have the same getup. I know its different individuals, because one wears what I think is a wig that's held on by the hoody. To make him stand out even more the last time I saw him he was holding his head, leading me even more to believe its a wig he fears losing in the wind even if its under a hoody.


    Maybe they're running from the law, literally so they wear a disguise. Maybe they work for the law and that's why they have the overgrown tash that looks fake and store bought.

  17. I like this new forum, it gave me a reason for why I had an infraction.


    I think I've had these neighbors the past 2+ years, its tough to say. Its 3 guys, 1 girl and a baby. That's what I could tell looking at the house. I don't really know my neighbors, any of them. I assume most people think no one lives in my house since I only go out at night.


    Anyway, these neighbors have a lot of Saturday parties with illegal fireworks. To be fair the fireworks don't go up after 9 pm, but they light up the night sky and in a small town, its obvious who is shooting off the only fireworks in the area, so its amazing the police haven't visited.


    About once a month someone drives a motorcycle around their front lawn at midnight or 1 AM. I'm normally awake, so it doesn't anger me, but I can only imagine what the other neighbors must feel. Their front lawn is dwindling. A previous owner paved an extension to their driveway for a 6 car parking lot. Then these neighbors paved over a good portion of their lawn to make the parking lot even bigger. I assume for their parties.


    Even with the parking lots, they park near the road, away from the house, maybe that's a winter thing, if it snows they want to be close to the road... but with that said they have a few vehicles, 4 wheelers and trucks with snow plows on them.


    If you think a 6 car parking lot is big, our other neighbor had previously ran a business out of their home, they turned a home with a 2 car garage into a 6 car garage. Then... they built a warehouse in the back for even more vehicles. The warehouse was behind the 6 car garage extension and it was for big trucks that couldn't drive through or around the 6 car garage, so instead it had a driveway AROUND the house. Imagine a house with a pavement moat. I'm amazed the town let them get away with that. That's another story.


    So back to the problem neighbors...


    For 3 months they decided to just leave the curtains open to their front room. I could see through their house, they had knocked down a wall in the center that I remember being there, and I could just see through behind the house. Imagine a box car with both doors open. It was just strange they didn't have their curtains closed for 3 months no matter what. Maybe they were getting replaced, but would it take 3 months? Plus its winter.


    Last year at around this time the female living over there came over to my house. She brought a mouse she caught. They have a mouse problem. So she setup a glue trap, because she couldn't figure out the snap trap and she couldn't find any place to buy poison. She brought the mouse in the glue trap. She wanted to know if I had a way to get the mouse out of the trap. Nope, but I did look it up, apparently its extremely difficult to impossible to get a mouse out of a glue trap and you're supposed to throw the mouse out with the trap.


    I had to ask her that one of the three guys she lives with can deal with it. She said they're gone and she explained she's a live in nanny working for a gay couple with a kid and their brother lives with them. So that explains the 3 guys, 1 girl and a kid. I always laughed to my friends that it was a woman and her 3 husbands.


    Months go by... There's someone at my door, but I try not to answer and I had this weird feeling that because there was no vehicle in the driveway it was the neighbor. It was 9 at night. So I ignored it and that woman walked around the house to find the room I was in and just started yelling in. Lucky for me I keep all blinds shut, because if people don't think the house was occupied you need to keep the blinds shut to keep up the illusion.


    Long story short. She felt her boyfriend was at a bar cheating on her... could I please watch the kid while she goes over to catch him. She said the kid was asleep and wouldn't be awake until tomorrow. wtf? I'm a stranger. I asked what about the 3 guys she lives with. Oh they're all gone. Didn't say where. Maybe they work late or party late... 3 people all gone. Now that I'm thinking about it... little kids sleep and she could probably just take the kid with her.


    Anyway, sounded like some sort of a trap, hey stranger come watch my kid. I told her to call some friends and have them stalk the guy and she said no one is answering their phone. I can't imagine why. Oh and keep in mind this is us yelling through a wall to one another. I didn't open my curtains or anything. Ho-lee- shit. To wrap up the conversation I told her call a cab and have the driver stalk him. She got no where and went home across the road.


    Months go by and Halloween comes up. I have never had a trick-or-treater. I'm in an unpopulated area. There was a knock at the door. For years I've always joked about "if I ever get a trick-or-treater I've got an Easter bunny for them." Well... I did, from 2006. Sure enough it was the woman next door and she brought the 3 year old dressed as a pumpkin. I just so happened to have bags of chocolate my aunt didn't want so she came over and gave me them. The catch is they were from the summer and it gets hot, so chances are they were half melted inside. I gave her a choice 1 bag of chocolate mint or another bag of some kind of chocolate peppermint.


    I gave them an entire bag. She said I was so weird and do I do that with every trick-or-treater, so I informed her I've literally never had a trick-or-treater and it would only be weird if we were talking through a wall at 9 pm or if she brought over a mouse. She gave me some sort of dead, blank expression like she couldn't remember.


    Then I noticed she had a ring. So I tried to think back if she had a ring when she brought the mouse over. I don't think she did, but I guess I never thought to check? So I'm wondering if she's not a nanny, and that's her kid because she's just some psychotic house wife. She does have white blonde hair and so does the kid. Then again her hair is so white blonde that its probably not natural.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. KVELLER


      Your neighbors freak me the fuck out, honestly.

    3. geo


      Writing this all out they started to freak me out too. During the experience of my neighbor shouting through a wall to me, I did think about calling the cops without even warning her. She'd probably be gone before the cops got there and she didn't stick around, just 2 minutes or so.


      Its one of those things that can easily be solved by just going over there and introducing myself like a normal person, but there's no sort of encouragement to do that. I don't have kids or someone else that would benefit from knowing a neighbor.

    4. Lüt


      I forgot how much I love reading your blogs.

  19. The Rock and Karl don't need to say any words between them.



    Here is a blog that is a triggered memory. I had a friend growing up whose family raised me in my teenage years. I was at their family functions. Everyone knew me for a long time. When we were in our 20s things soured and we haven't talked since. Its turned into a bitter memory.


    Its not a story about that, instead its about his extended family, his uncle's family. I knew his uncle pretty well, we hung out and worked together a few times. He was married, had a kid. His wife's sister married to a drastically older man. They had 2 kids together about 10 years apart. Last year was a ten year anniversary since I had seen anyone from my uncle's family.


    Last year, I saw them all at a restaurant an hour away from where we live. The restaurant is an hour away, but in a popular town and its probably the most popular place in the town so there's a possibility of us meeting even if I've never seen them there before going there 4 times a year. Their kids were grown, had husbands or boyfriends. The eldest of the family wasn't there, but he was so old he'd be 80 now. Instead he was replaced by someone younger.


    They all looked younger and better than they should be. The adults should have grey hair by now. In fact the uncle's wife had grey hair last I saw her, but hey hair dye exists. They were always a real big family weight wise, but everyone had lost weight. That could all happen in 10 years. Stomach banding and stuff like that. Hardcore workouts.


    It was them, but it wasn't them.


    The kids were all the age they should be, but the adults weren't. They sat in their corresponding order, my friend's uncle, his wife and daughter sat next to one another with what I assume was the daughter's boyfriend. The uncle's wife is a tower of a woman and sure enough so was the wife of this guy. On the other side of the table was the sister, the sister's new husband, the sister's 2 adult kids and their boyfriends or husbands.


    When I was leaving, who I thought was my friend's uncle looked at me like he recognized me so I went over there to ask, don't I know you?


    I thought I recognized him, he thought he recognized me, but he wasn't who I thought. I wasn't who he thought. He didn't have the thick southern accent he should. No one was who I thought they were. It was amazing. They all thought I was their nephew's friend. Who's their nephew's friend? The eldest daughter's husband. He was there with his back to me when I was having my meal, but when I was standing there I could see he looked a lot like me. Their nephew was there too, he is who I thought was a boyfriend to one of the now adult children. He looked nothing like my friend. If anything he looked more like me than my friend.


    I told them they look like a family I always hung out with when I was a teen. That's how they know their version of me too. He was part of the family a decade before he married into the family.


    Well that was just mind blowing.



    I remembered one another computer nightmare, but its not exactly a computer nightmare as it is a normal nightmare.


    I was visiting long distance relatives. At the time, I hadn't seen one of my cousins in like a decade and since then its been five years. My uncle mentions my cousin his daughter has been having computer problems, so while I'm in the area it would give me a good excuse to go visit her. I went to visit her, she indeed has computer problems. Some message keeps popping up. She said just wait 10 minutes it'll happen. So we waited 10 minutes and boom it happened.


    However the PC wasn't broken, it was just a typical "your PC is full" or something like that. I went into the My Computer and 1 TB is just full, after that I went to the uninstall. Maybe there's just a lot of stuff installed. Nope barely anything installed beyond what came with the computer. What else takes up a lot of space, music or videos? She and her fiance have music on their phones, so its not music. There's no videos because they have a smart TV to watch Youtube.


    Then in my mind I imagined the worst possible outcome. I did this so that way I would be relieved when I'm wrong.


    When I tracked down a folder containing say 80% of the hard drive's contents, sure enough my "worst case scenario" was right. Oh it was porn. Say 600 - 800 GB of porn videos. I barely know this cousin. I don't want to find that stuff with a cousin. I think her words were "what. The. Fuck." Followed by "He's a dead man." Its okay though. He's at class and I had time to get out of there. Well so I went deleting porn folders and anything that was in those folders. I didn't even check them. I just deleted them. They were marked hidden and read only so I had to unmark them which took a while.


    5 minutes into deleting things and her rage is when her fiance came home. Class was canceled ... well I kind of doubt he had class, but whatever. He didn't see it coming. It was awful. When she started yelling about the porn, he left the house to walk away and she followed right after him. So I hung out 2+ hours just deleting this guy's porn. Then I thought hmm... why was he stupid enough to store it on the computer when there are all these USB stick drives lying around. Oooo... its because they were full and sure enough they too were full. When she came back 2 hours later, she passed out on the couch. Didn't say anything. When the task was done I left. Neither one of us talked to the other for 5 years after that. We never knew one another that well since I'm 15 years older and their family moved to a different part of the country.


    Anyway, now she's married to a different guy and they had a kid together. Happily ever after.

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      Your first sentence led me to thinking that it was a dream. :/

      Also lol @ the dumbass who keeps his porn on his GF's computer...

  22. geo

    The thread you asked for. Better to post it here than keep derailing the thread: