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  1. My mom owns houses. A few of them. One particular house has had tenants for a decade and I've personally slept there several times. Well there is a tenant who has been there for 4 months now. Suddenly she's wondering if its haunted and saying experiences.

    My mother is very adamant that ghosts never exist and never will and yada yada.

    Anyway, my mom tells her that there's no way the house is haunted. Nothing has ever happened there for it to be haunted. It wasn't built on a graveyard.

    So then the woman says oh it must be me. Ghosts follow me from house to house since I was a kid. That made me think wtf? First you question if its haunted when you know that you're the problem.

    Its like saying... uh I think you gave me herpes but I've had it years before I met you.

    Ding bat. Coincidentally I just saw Insidious last night.

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    2. geo
    3. GreyGhost


      Technician said:

      The only ghost is GreyGhost and you're all retards for believing in others!


    4. geo


      ... hilarious.

      I can't wait until tomorrow to hear if Frankenstien bust down the door or if there was a shootout or something. 2 interesting things back to back.

      My mom told me about some other instances the woman reported about strange dogs in the backyard... that has a fucking fence. Yeah this tenant is a loon and its genetic.