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  1. People make me dig into things. Because I have connections and I find things out. Someone had a problem. One of my cousin's female friends was having problems with a guy she just dumped. She was stuck on it.

    She said he was acting weird because he got fired from his job... and then his job called him back in to discuss a court case associated with his firing.

    Then she said he got a new job working at a bar (I might get sued if I say the name of the bar). Anyway, it got weird and she felt he was lying so she dumped him. Kudos to her.

    As it turns out I know someone that works where he worked before getting fired. So I asked about it. he was fired for sexual harassment. Makes sense. Being fired for sexual harassment and being called back for a court case.

    But then this bar he now works at... It has been on Girls Gone Wild and its one of the wildest bars. Its also a bar notorious for rapes because of its "out in the middle of no where" location. I'd be more specific, but then that might tip off which bar.

    So I was thinking its really bad that a bar has a reputation for rape and they have a sexual harasser working there. If its a court case that's pending he's not a criminal sex offender just yet... So legally he's good unless there's something else I don't know about.

    I just found it interesting. Maybe this happens all the time, because they're bars and they don't do criminal background checks.

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    2. geo


      Yeah they are everywhere... except Iowa. Because in Iowa you can't live within 15 miles of a school or more. So they have to live outside of towns.... So then they move to IL.

    3. Technician


      40oz said:

      My girlfriend has an app on her phone that locates charged sex offenders in your area.




      I guess they hand out that label liberally.

    4. geo


      There are different levels of sex offender. Even minimum levels of a sexual offense still count. Like if you tell a coworker nice tits. That's like a level 5 offense and you need to register.