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  1. So 6 weeks ago I had my first date in probably 7 months. I posted a blog about my 2010 where I had dates with 24 women. The date went good as 2 people who aren't into each other can go. In the end she told me she felt like I was best friend material. Then she told me I'd be perfect for her friend.

    Well that was 6 weeks ago... haven't seen or spoken to her again. At 9 pm on a Saturday she sent me a text... Hey its X. how r u? i have a friend who would be perfect for you, I really want you two to be happy.

    I'm surprised she'd still have my number, but maybe after 6 weeks this means this friend of hers is now single. It just seems really weird. I wrote her back saying no thanks. I'm good.

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    2. Ralphis


      Let's go on a date

    3. geo


      Thanks Ralphis.

      So I had a different date... 2 weeks ago with a different girl. However it was the same date... literally. This date made the suggestion to eat at a certain restaurant... which was the same place I took the pervious date to. Then afterward we went for icecream 100 yards away, just like the previous date. Both dates looked similar.

      The really amusing thing for me was the first date (that this post was about), I kept wanting to call her Julie for whatever reason. Well turns out that was the name of this past date. Very strange.

      Last year my 24 dates all had nicknames... now I'm not nicknaming either of these two. I suppose I lack the care to even nickname them.

    4. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Thing 1 and Thing 2