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  1. This is a story 5 years in the making. My friend has dated this woman for probably 4 out of those 5 years. He originally started dating her. He found her online. I heard about her for 3 months before I met her. She's 8 years older than him.

    Then when I met her she seemed familiar. After 2 or 3 more weeks I finally figured it out. He and I had her as a teacher when we were Freshmen in HS (10 years ago). I told him, he said no way they have different names and they look different. She had a different lats name back then because she was Mrs. and when she got divorced she went back to her maiden name and we never knew her first name in HS. She went from a perm and short dark hair to having it long and blonde... she also lost 50-60 lbs and moved elsewhere and got a job in nursing.

    While she did that, my friend went off to the military, shaved his head, got tattoos and got muscle and shaved his beard.

    The twist to this as I reminded my friend, she hated him in HS. He was a jackass and in trouble constantly, barely showed up to school, got arrested, harassed the teachers especially her. I was having fun laughing about it.

    My friend freaked out about it and said he was gonna pre-emptively dump her! Because she'll figure it out and dump him anyway. So he dodged her phone calls for a week or two.

    That's when she realized who he was too. She didn't remember him, because he had changed so much... but she remembered me and went back through yearbooks until she found me then that jogged her memory. She remembered every horrible thing he did and how the cops came to school one day to pick him up in class (not hers) and how she really hated him for the semester 10 years earlier.

    So they broke up... for 6 months. Then got back together. Cuz apparently love conquers hate. Now fast forward from that 4 years ago to last night. He proposed to her on her birthday. Lovely.

    I think that I'm the only one who realizes this. I want to tell people, but I probably shouldn't. So instead, I'm telling the Doomunity.

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    2. geo


      Oh that kind of change. Films can't always have a teen go to adulthood. And their idea of change is a different hairstyle or a fat suit.

    3. Creaphis


      geo said:

      Thanks Hellbent. My blogs back on myspace had a lot of followers of people I didn't know. It was strange.

      What's strange is that somehow you're close friends with every person in every messed up relationship ever - and that's when you're not personally involved. You'll never run out of stories to tell, that's for sure.

    4. geo


      Ha no. I'm not close friends with anyone in this story. Maybe back in HS I was better friends with the guy in the original story. People just tell me stuff.