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  1. The Warrior Dash is a 3 mile army grade obsticle course through mud. There's fire, wooden walls, mud, cargo nets and running through farm fields. Because its a franchise, all $60 you pay goes to them... and not charity. It goes on tour from state to state. Chances are you've heard of it.

    The Warrior Dash in some states combat the heat... which I trained for 4 months through the blazing summer, running 3 miles everyday in jeans and 90 degree days so I'd be ready... However, yesterday's Warrior Dash was cold and in the rain. The rain made it awesomer and I was hoping for rain. They even iced down the final mud pool. There were ice cubes floating in it.

    Even though I trained for 4 months and made my own backyard obsticle course, I still wasn't ready for the Warrior Dash. I ran it with my army cousin who just ran over everything.

    I saw one man puke on the course. He couldn't have been the only one I'm sure. Especially when there's a bunch of guys running together... no one wants to slow down. There were old men and women. Men in drag, women in costume, people with fake axes, white people in Indian war paint.

    I made sure to get covered in mud with the last obsticle which was the icy mud pool going under barbedwire. Some people crawled others walked and ducked when they had to. I fucking swam.

    Afterward, everyone went to the nearby firetrucks and got hosed off in freezing water. The cold was a lot more noticable, because bodyheat cooled off from running the dash.

    Even though I was hosed off, it didn't do much for the mud on my clothes. The hoses did blast clean my shoes though, which were added to the giant pile of shoes near the music stage. The pile was quite a heap and is said to be going to foriegn countries that can't afford shoes. With 6,000 runners on Saturday and 4,500 on Sunday, hopefully they got 10,500 pairs of shoes in that pile.

    A muddy fun time was had by all.