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  1. People tell me that I'm funny. I disbelieve them, but whatever. People tell me I should do standup, which I've done for 40 minutes. I stood up there and told them life stories... mostly about dates. My friends told me to go up for open mic night and I drew a blank, couldn't say anything funny so my friends would yell out... tell them about this story. Tell them about that story. I'm surprised I lasted 40 minutes.

    Friends have told me that I need to just start writing a skit show or a book full of life stories.

    We all have life stories... its just that my memory won't ever let me forget them. So everything is nice and fresh.

    So I started complaining to my cousin about how I feel like everyone says that I'm funny out of politeness, because I've met 4 people in the past month at parties and bars and I always hear... you're so funny. I hear it too often to consider it a compliment.

    Then my cousin reminded me how 2 years ago there was a man at a party, our other cousin's neighbor who just so happens to write musicals. I talked with him in a group of people and just told stories. Mostly stories about women. Apparently I entertained them all, because they're all married and can't get away with saying what I do.

    Anyway, the dude enjoyed it so much that he wrote me at my cousin's house thinking that I lived there with them. It was a brief letter of intent that with my permission, he'd like to turn some of my life stories into a musical. I gave him a call and he's actually famous (members of his family are more famous). It was quite surprising.

    That was the last I heard from him. Maybe he realized I'm not funny or maybe he made the play or maybe he died... the man did have white hair.

    So my cousin wants me to find the letter or the number and find out what ever happened to that play. I'm very curious as well.

    1. Csonicgo


      you dont' make comedy. it writes itself from real life experiences. most of carlin's comedy is from his observations about life, if you notice.

    2. geo


      That's true, Sienfeld noticed a lot of things. Jeff Foxworthy said comedy writes itself, you just need to write it down.

    3. exp(x)