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  1. I was telling a friend about the wonders of Vitamin D today and how everyone should take a lot of it. My friend said that she heard Vitamin D locks fat in your body. We just so happened to be at a mall while having this discussion and oh look there's a vitamin store over there. So we went in and started talking with the sales clerk.

    My friend asked about Vitamin D and the clerk praised it and talked about all of the bennefits. The thin female clerk said that she takes 5,000 or whatever a day. She looked like a librarian, with glasses and dishwater blonde hair I think its called.

    Then my friend asked if it locked away fat because its fat soluable. The clerk explained what fat soluable is that vitamin D gets stored in fat and everyone has fat.

    The clerk reiterated that she takes 5,000 or whatever a day and then lifted up her shirt and said do I look fat? Yep, just got flashed by some 40 something sales clerk like we were at a Girls Gone Wild event.

    Then came the bad part, she told us she'll be 63 in a few weeks. Well at least vitamins kept her looking young and slim without grey hair.

    I kept looking the woman in the face and told her she can put her shirt down. Crazy.

    Once we walked out my friend said that she did not need to see Girls Gone Wild in there.

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    2. Maes


      @geo: maybe I was too imprecise. Your posts are more like M. Night Shyamalan movies ;-)

    3. Mr. T

      Mr. T

      Don't you get vitamin D from the sun anyway?

    4. Danarchy


      I take Vitamin D during the winter or else I get weird. I think it's about time for me to start because I'm beginning to get paranoid.