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  1. I haven't been to the dentist in 2+ years. It was time to go. Someone took my X-rays and then shuffled me off to a different person that took more specific X-rays. This person was not the dentist, but this person gave me a giant folder with 20+ pages on Periodontal disease. Then she made me watch a short video explaining what it is. All of your tarter seeps down below your gumline and causes an infection called gingivitis. Then when your body fights the infection. Eventually it eats the teeth and even your jaw bone. This will lead to tooth loss.

    So she showed me this and hit me with a giant packet, but when I asked her do I have Periodontal. She wouldn't answer me. Perhaps its one of those questions that they needed more information to answer. This person did show me, 'see all that grey between the teeth, that's tartar.' This would explain why I can't floss.

    Then the actual dentist saw me. He said my teeth were good. Well I guess teeth aren't gum disease (gingivitis). So he says my teeth are good and the other woman hits me with a packet on periodontal.

    After the dentist was done he asked me about my heating bill. My heating bill? Next he gave me some piece of paper that was selling natural gas. Wow, he's a dentist and a natural gas salesman? What sort of practice is this? They have flat screen televisions everywhere and PS3s in the waiting room for kids, yet they need to sell natural gas on the side?

    So he sent me to the dental hygienist. The person that would scrape my teeth. Most people call it deep cleaning, but they're fucking wrong it is 'scaling' now.

    The overly attractive dental hygienist setup 3 appointments for me to get this done. 2 appointments for a half of my mouth each and then a third appointment for a polishing. I told her can't we do this today? She said, 'No we don't do it like that here.' Perhaps my teeth are just that bad, but every other dentist has done it immediately even if it was a half of the mouth. Plus, every other dentist has done it themselves.

    Anyway, she made the three appointments and then told me it would be $2,000 (PPO insurance pays for $1,000) for the whole thing. Ouch. Again, maybe after 2+ years my teeth are just that bad. Maybe brushing 2x a day, using mouth wash WITHOUT flossing isn't enough. I stress the without flossing. We should all floss. I can't. I have crowding that 3 years of braces fixed for about another 3 years. In fact I remember one dentist wanted to file down between my teeth so I could floss.

    When I looked up the price online of an average scaling, I saw $500 - $700 per side of the mouth. Then when I made a post on a dental forum about $2,000, people (including dental hygienists) thought I was being robbed by that practice.

    So after hearing everyone's advice I bulked up on insurance and found a new dentist. Then I informed myself as to what periodontal is :-)

    My warning to you all... Periodontal. Google images it and be afraid.

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    2. Clonehunter


      Last time I went to the dentist was five years ago. They cleaned my teeth, reminded me to clean the backs of them, and that was it. My only visit to the dentist ever. And I don't even brush that often, or anything for that matter.

      Then again, my breath isn't exactly prime condition, so there is that...

    3. Cupboard


      I'm in a similar boat as Clonehunter, but I try to keep my visits about 12 months apart.

      I keep flossing and brush at least once a day. Plus no sugar sodas without rinsing mouth out with water every once in a while. A little drugs and alcohol don't go amiss either.

      My teeth are a weird off-white color though, and I have white splotches on my enamel for no reason. Nothing that couldn't be corrected to a pearly sheen with those tooth whitening strips though.

    4. geo


      I swear my teeth are whiter before I brush.