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  1. Someone in the 'Fire Tim' topic posted how he hates people with pony tails. That triggered a memory and instead of posting it there and derailing the topic, I'll post it here instead.

    Back in high school there were only 2 guys with ponytails. There were other dudes that had their hair long, but only 2 that had long ponytails. One day one of them cut the others' ponytail. Wow did that guy cry. I still remember hearing over everyone at the lunchroom 'I was growing this for locks of love you asshole.' That is a program that makes wigs out of real hair for cancer patients.

    Both guys disappeared pretty quick. I just so happened to have class with the wrongdoer directly after lunch. He came in late and then 10 minutes later. The dean came to the classroom door and from my vantage point in the front right I could see 2 cops outside the room.

    We never saw that guy at school again. His friends said he got arrested for assault with scissors or something like that.

    I can't believe I had totally forgot about that until someone posted something like 'I hate his pony tail.'

    1. darknation


      Do not be suprised to discover that, upon lifting a pony tail, there is a horse's arse beneath.